Harriet Scott

Year 1 in 2019

In first year we focused on learning the fundamentals of anatomy and physiology, which lays the foundations for the following years of the course. We have weekly Problem-Based Learning (PBL) groups in which we work through a patient’s case study. This simulates what we could see in clinical practice. The content taught during the week progressed our knowledge and made it relevant to real life scenarios.

Working in the anatomy suite with cadavers greatly facilitated our learning. The anatomy staff are very helpful and engaging which, for me, made this area of the course the most enjoyable. In immunology, which is a complex area in itself, we were given tutorials to aid our understanding which was incredibly beneficial.

At Keele I am able to pursue my career as an international footballer for the Republic of Ireland whilst studying medicine. This enables me to have a good work-life balance, which is very important in such a demanding course.