Key Facts

Module Title: Leadership for Patient Safety
Mode of Study:This module can be taken independently or as part of the Masters in Medical Science
Contact Details:Sophie Gibbons - 01782 734933
Faculty: Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences
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This online module addresses the need for health and social care professionals to engage more effectively with the factors which fundamentally affect the provision of safe, effective and compassionate health care. Individuals who come on the course will improve their knowledge of the human factors in patient safety, root cause and systems analysis, and about designing safer systems, and will be able to contribute to developing a culture of safety. Employers will know that their employees have good communication skills including in the new digital literacies and with a thorough understanding of what it takes to put patient safety at the forefront of service design.

The module will allow the student to critically explore the underpinning research in relation to patient safety, with a specific focus on research which explores measuring harm, identifying and implementing solutions, evaluating impact and translating evidence into safer healthcare.

Graduate or equivalent health or social care professional, registered or eligible for registration and with access to patient or public services.

Through this module students will study on line materials to develop the knowledge, skills and behaviors to enable them to effectively challenge service design on the grounds of maintaining patient safety.

Topics will include leading and managing for patient safety, system design, engaging key stakeholders, effective communication and building awareness, tools and techniques for tracking and measuring quality, statistical process control charts (NHSIII Quality and Service Improvement Tools) and supporting staff and patients/families impacted by medical errors. 

Learning Outcomes

Students who successfully complete this module will be able to:

  • Describe the fundamental concepts of the science of patient safety, in their specific social, cultural, political and economic contexts
  • Understand how to measure the magnitude and type of different adverse events that lead to patient harm
  • Explore the underlying causes of adverse events that lead to patient harm
  • Consider the nature and type of solutions / changes required to improve patient safety and reduce harm
  • Demonstrate competence in manipulating and using on-line media



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