Diversity Calendar

At Keele, we have created a Diversity Calendar that can be integrated into existing Outlook Calendars.

To add the diversity calendar to your calendar please follow these instructions:

  • Within Outlook Calendar, on the left-hand side of the page please click 'Add Calendar'
  • A tab will open with various subheadings on the left-hand side, please select 'Add from directory'
  • You will then be prompoted to add a name/address, in this box please type 'Diversity calendar' and the following should appear as an option 'diversity_calendar@keeleacuk.onmicrosoft.com' please select this
  • You will then get an option to add this to a particular calendar group 'My Calendar' or 'Other Calendars', you can choose either option
  • Refresh your calendar and the Diversity Calendar should now appear on the left-hand side along with any other calendars you may have

We have endeavoured to include as many dates that cover a range of EDI areas, but the calendar does not include all dates. The dates provided are primarily for information but if there is a particular date you feel is missing please contact the Equalities Team.

All dates will be located at the top of your calendar and you can find out more information about a particular date by clicking on the event and then pressing the enlarge arrow on the top right hand corner of the box that appears. Within the event discription we have provided a link to find out more information about that particular date.

We hope this more integrated calendar is more accessible for our Keele community and if you have any feedback please let the Equalities Team know. 

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