Sex is a protected characteristic and refers to a male or a female of any age. In relation to a group of people it refers to either men and/or boys or women and/or girls.

A comparator for the purposes of showing sex discrimination will be a person of the opposite sex. Sex does not include gender reassignment.

Keele's work to address gender and sex inequalities is primarily through actions taken within the framework of the Athena SWAN Charter.

Keele publishes annual gender pay gap and equal pay analysis reports. See Reports webpages

HESA's guidance on data collection by HEI's has changed to clarify that the sexual identifer we report will be that of an individual's legal sex and that the category "'Other' would only be used only for a third sex that is legally recognised by another country - this will recognise the scenarios where, for example, an international staff member has a legal sex other than male or female. See HESA's guidance here

This largely reverses a decision made in 2017/18 in which the category ‘other’ covered staff gender identity more widely (i.e. for staff personal identification as intersex, androgyne, intergender, ambigender, gender fluid, polygender and genderqueer).

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