Pregnancy and maternity

The protected characteristic of pregnancy and maternity applies to a member of staff who:

  • is or has been pregnant
  • has given birth and is treated unfavourably within a period of 26 weeks beginning with the day on which she gave birth
  • is breastfeeding and is treated unfavourably within the period of 26 weeks beginning with the day on which she gave birth.

Outside the 26-week period the staff member may be protected by the sex discrimination provisions. She is protected even when her baby is stillborn so long as she was pregnant for at least 24 weeks before she gave birth.

Keele has a range of policies and procedures to support its staff that are pregnant or on maternity leave.

The University provides an onsite Keele Day Nursery which offers a safe and stimulating environment for children from the ages of 12 weeks to 5 years and care for children aged 4-12 during local school holidays (the Klubhouse).

The University supports a safe environment for nursing mothers, and has baby changing facilities located centrally on campus within the ground floor chancellors building, and also at Keele Hall.

Private facilities are available for breast feeding or milk expressing in the following buildings:

  • David Weatherall 
  • Chancellor's Building 
  • Lennard Jones
  • Huxley Building
  • Keele Day Nursery

Should you wish to use any of the above facilties then please contact the Reception for the area, the local EDI lead, or your HR link Advisor. In addition, people are welcome to breast feed their infants across the campus restaurants and cafes.

The University support students who are pregnant or require a leave of absence due to pregnancy and maternity. Students who are pregnant are advised to inform the Student Support Service who will be happy to offer all relevant support needed during the pregnancy,

The Equality Challenge Unit has produced guidance on Student Pregnancy and Maternity Implications for Higher Education Institutions, which outlines best practice in supporting students that are pregnant.

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