We want to work with you to develop high quality academic programmes to meet the future needs of your organisation. An apprenticeship is much more than just a job or a degree.

Information for employers

What are Degree and Higher Apprenticeships?

Degree and Higher Apprenticeships are part of government reforms of traditional apprenticeship delivery.

A degree apprentice will be employed full-time (at least 30 hours per week) whilst studying for a level 6 (degree) or level 7 (postgraduate) qualification.

In combination, the learning the apprentice is undertaking on the job and through their studies will meet the knowledge, skills and behaviours outlined in the apprenticeship standard for their role, which has been developed by employers.

On successful completion of their apprenticeship, the learner will graduate with their degree and certification of their apprenticeship.

How does the funding work?

From May 2017, employers with a payroll of over £3million will be paying 0.5% of their payroll as the 'Apprenticeship Levy.' These funds are then topped by up to 10% by the government.

Funds are held in a digital account and can be used by employers to pay for apprenticeship training from approved providers. If funds are not spent within 24 months, they are returned to government.

Can SMEs participate?

SMEs who do not pay the apprenticeship levy can also participate in apprenticeships. If your organisation does not pay the apprenticeship levy, the government will fund between 90% and 100% of the costs. If your apprentice is between 16-18 and your business has less than 50 employees, the government will fund 100%.

What are we offering?

We are in the process of working with employers to develop apprenticeships in a number of areas, to meet the needs of business. If you are interested in finding out more, please get in touch through Keele University's Business Gateway (01782 733001 /

You can find out more about the apprenticeships currently approved for delivery on the government website.

The number of apprenticeships available is growing at a rapid rate. Apprenticeship standards currently in development are available on the Institute for Apprenticeships website

If there is not a standard available for the apprentice role you want to train, there is a process to propose new standards known as 'trailblazing'.

Apprenticeships - Employer Information Handbook

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Work in a full time job whilst being given time to study a complete Degree programme

We are more than happy to support you in accessing apprenticeships, hear about your current and future needs or help answer questions.