Sightings in 2020

Recorders are indicated by their initials:

DWE - Dave Emley
DM - David Morgan
MS - Mark Sutton

December 31 : Mark Sutton recorded an amazing 93 species of bird at Keele in 2020. Great achievement.

December 28 : a flock of 12 Great Black-backed Gulls flew over campus. This is the largest group on record for Keele MS.

December 24 : 30 Pink-footed Geese flew over campus at 08.40 MS.

December 9 : a Stoat was seen along Lymes Road. This is the first confirmed sighting at Keele MS.

November 16 : a Yellowhammer, first for 7 years, recorded flying over MS.

November 15 : a very late White Wagtail was found by MS. Only the second at Keele; last on 9/5/02.

November 10 : a Woodcock was flushed by Lake 1 MS.

November 8 : a Yellow-legged Gull was seen in a field opposite Drive Lodge MS. This is the second site record.

November 2 : a Great White Egret was found by Lake 5. A first for Keele. G. Hazleton.

October 28 : Green Sandpiper off Lymes Road. Third record for Keele MS.

September 15 : Wheatear in field along Lymes Road MS.

August 4 : Peregrine Falcon flew over fields down by Lake 5 and landed on a distant pylon MS.

July 22 : 7 more Crossbills south over Keele Hall this morning plus 20 Siskins around the campus. The Kingfisher has returned after an absence of several weeks with lots of juvenile Blackcaps and Whitethroats around the Science Park MS.

July 1 : 10 Crossbills flew SW over the Science Park, plus 9 Siskins MS.

June 21 : a Weasel seen carrying either prey of young in Lymes Road. First record since 1974 MS.

June 7 : a record 6 territories of Spotted Flycatcher counted and Muntjac Deer spotted by Drive Lodge MS.

May 28 : 3 Crossbills east over the Science Park at Keele Uni 6.30 this morning MS.

May 17 : the latest tally for previously scarce breeding summer migrants at Keele: 4 singing Spotted Flycatchers, 9 singing Garden Warblers and 7+ singing Whitethroats MS.

May 9 : two Cuckoos flew over the campus, calling Andy Mason.

May 4 : First Spotted Flycatcher of the year and 5 singing Garden Warblers MS.

April 30 : First Swifts (7) over campus MS.

April 26 : two Tree Pipits; a rare bird at Keele, last seen 2011 MS.

April 25 : It is rare that we get a new bird species for campus but a female Black Redstart was found today MS.

April 24 : First two Garden Warblers of the year; one by Phase 3 and the other along Lymes Road MS.

April 23 : A Cuckoo was heard by Drive Lodge. A rare bird at Keele MS. First House Martins seen on campus Andy Mason.

April 22 : Pair of Mandarin Ducks MS.

April 21 : A second Wheatear seen MS.

April 19 : Male Whinchat, singing Whitethroat and a Snipe MS.

April 16 : First Whitethroat of the year and Holly Blue MS.

April 9th : A reeling Grasshopper Warbler in scrub near Keele Observatory at sunrise this morning, Crossbill over Drive Lodge. Also spawning Toads on Lake 4 MS.

April 6 : Willow Warbler new for the year and Red-legged Partridge by Science Park MS.

April 5 : A circuit of campus plus a full day in the garden, with 51 species recorded. Highlights, were first House Martins and  Swallows  and 1 possibly 2 pairs of Linnets on territory MS.

March 28 : A dawn walk around Keele campus plus a morning spent in the garden produced 49 species. Highlights: 35 fly-over Golden Plover, displaying Lapwing, singing Reed Bunting and  3 pairs of Grey Wagtail on territory on campus MS. One of the terrapins on the top lake was seen in the mud at the edge of the lake. I wonder if it had been overwintering there Archit Tamboli.

March 26 : 2 Blackcaps in a total of 44 species found MS.

March 25 : Kingfisher, Lesser Redpoll and Green Woodpecker (last recorded Stacy Plantation 13/4/15) MS.

March 24 : a walk round campus revealed a record 7 Grey Wagtails; also a Brimstone butterfly MS.

March 19 : Kingfisher between lakes 7 & 8. Chiffchaffs are well and truly here now, with 6 singing birds but no sign of yesterdays Stonechat MS.

March 18 : Stonechat along Lymes Road MS.

March 17 : 1 Snipe, singing Reed Bunting, 9 Linnets and 2 Chiffchaffs MS.

March 4 : An early walk from the Walled Garden, along Clock House Drive and Lymes Road and back through the woods revealed a total of 28 bird species including Great Spotted Woodpecker and Buzzard DM.

March 7 : 11 Canada Geese and 3 Greylag Geese by the top lake - a record count. Also 2 pairs of Grey Wagtails MS.

March 8 : A Little Owl was sitting on its regular tree near the village MS.