Sightings in 2016

Regular recorders are indicated by their initials:

DWE - Dave Emley
JAL - Andy Lawrence
MS - Mark Sutton
NC - Neil Carter
NDP - Nick Pomiankowski

December 5th : Quiet on campus bird-wise at the moment. The main Autumn migration period has ended and the birds are settling down for winter now, some will be making periodic short movements of a few kms though to find food so there's always a chance of something new turning up. A walk down the Clockhouse drive today and it's clear that there's food to be found on the winter-sown crop in the fields between Lindsay Hall and Lymes Lane, with Lapwing now up to 250 birds (a really good count for anywhere in Staffordshire) and the Golden Plover only at 50 or so, all well spread out looking for soil invertebrates. A good number of gulls in there too, plus, unusually, a Grey Heron parked in the middle of the field. A Pheasant on the drive was of some note - a common bird but actually not often seen on campus, and plenty of Redwing still feeding on the Yew berries - easier to hear than see though and their "tzii" call is a give-away for them.

November 24 :Good numbers of winter thrushes about near Keele Hall at the moment - Fieldfare "chacking" in the tops of the trees and Redwing and Mistle Thrushes in the Yew trees around the lawns. JAL.

November 17th : The flock of Golden Plover in the fields between Lymes Lane and the University has now jumped to 350 birds together with 170 Lapwings, 100 or so Black-headed Gulls and a few Starlings; a Grey Wagtail was feeding by the slurry area on the other side of the Lane. JAL.

October 21st : 200 Golden Plovers and 40 Lapwings along Lymes Lane JAL.

October 7th : a few Redwings  and a Redpoll over the Walled Garden with 2 Jays in the garden DWE.

October 3rd : 20-30 Redwings over Keele Hall this morning DWE.

September 28th : Scarce Bordered Straw was a new moth to Keele, and for me personally. It is an erratic migrant species. DWE.

September 22nd : Small mixed flock at Hawthorns with Pied Wagtail, Blue, Great, Coal, Long-tailed Tits, Nuthatch, Chiffchaff x 4 David Gould.

September 7th : Common Fleabane Pulicaria dysenterica, new plant for Keele. By Lake 3 on Phase 3 site DWE.

July 27th : a Grass Snake was seen and videod crossing the road by IC1 and a Sycamore in the moth trap today. A species spreading northwards through Staffs DWE.

July 25th : Pinion-streaked Snout is a new moth for Keele DWE.

June 23rd : Ringlet butterfly, Emperor Dragonfly egg-laying, Large Red Damselfly and Whitethroat and a Common Newt all by the Sustainability Hub DWE. Two Reed Buntings foraging by Lake 3 on the phase 3 site Jane Shaw.

June 21st : Emperor Dragonfly, Common Blue butterfly, Whitethroat, Garden Warbler and Blackcap on Phase 3 DWE

June 8th : Spotted Flycatcher still on territory to east of Lake 6 and Yellow Wagtail breeding along Lymes Road MS.

June 6th : Pied Flycatcher singing in garden of Drive Lodge MS.

May 30th : Spotted Flycatcher by Lake 6 and Red-legged Partridge along Lymes Road MS.

May 18th : a Tawny Owl flew out of bushes by the Walled Garden; 6 adult Canada Geese, one pair with 4 young, on top lake DWE.

May 16th : Garden Warbler singing in the Walled Garden DWE.

May 11th : The Mullein in the moth trap was a new moth for Keele DWE.

May 4th : Green Woodpecker calling in copse by Barnes Hall DWE.

May 3rd : Canada Geese on Lake 1 have four goslings. Pair of Grey Wagtails on Lake 3. Bluebells at their best DWE.

April 22nd : Swallow singing from the Chapel DWE.

April 20th : Willow Warbler, Chiffchaff and 2 Blackcaps singing behind the Walled Garden DWE.

April 13th : Yellow Wagtail and 2 Mandarins along Lymes Road MS.

April 4th : female Stonechat along Lymes Road MS.

April 5th : Blackcap singing by the side of Keele Hall DWE.

April 4th : Chiffchaffs are well distributed around Keele Lakes, Walled Garden and Church Plantation DWE, JAL.

March 29th : Peregrine over Drive Lodge MS.

March 16th : Curlew calling below the Memorial Garden. Small Tortoiseshell on the wing too DWE.

March 15th : flock of 100 Fieldfares and Redwings in trees by the Memorial Garden DWE.

March 7th : 8 Snipes on Phase 3 and a Little Owl opposite Drive Lodge MS.

March 3rd : Brambling over Drive Lodge MS.

March 1st : 10 Canada Geese on the Sports Field (J. Barker)

February 5th : 3 Mute Swans flew low over campus DWE.

January 28th : Kingfisher showed well by Lake 5 Clare Holdsworth. 5 Canada Geese on Lake 1 DWE.