Sightings in 2014

Regular recorders are indicated by their initials:

DWE - Dave Emley
JAL - Andy Lawrence
MS - Mark Sutton
NC - Neil Carter
NDP - Nick Pomiankowski
PH - Peter Hooper

December 27th : Woodcock in Lower Springpool Wood MS.

December 18th : on Phase 3 were 20 Goldfinches, 3 Meadow Pipits, 10 Mallard, a Greenfinch and 3 Chaffinches DWE.

December 3rd : Tawny Owl calling by the Observatory and 100 Golden Plovers and 100 Lapwings at Keele Cemetery NDP.

November 19th : 30 Goldfinches and 10 Mallard on Phase 3 DWE.

November 18th : 10 Skylarks and 15 Meadow Pipits plus Grey Wagtail and c100 Stock Doves on fields along Lymes Road DWE, JAL.

November 5th : a Comma seen by Keele Hall DWE.

November 4th : 30 Golden Plovers flew over at 8am. Three Snipe flushed from the manure heap along Lymes Road; Grey Wagtail also there and a Meadow Pipit flew over. Two Grey Shoulder-knot moths seen on ash trunks along Keele Drive. DWE, JAL.

November 8th : A Woodcock was flushed behind Drive Lodge and 60 Golden Plovers flew over Keele village MS.

November 1st : 42 Golden Plovers seen in fields along Lymes Road MS.

October 21st : Red Sword-grass was a new moth for Keele DWE.

October 15th : Peregrine over Phase 3 site JAL.

October 14th : 20 Redwings over Campus and 5 Skylarks DWE.

October 13th : 7 Redwings over the Walled Garden - first of the year DWE.

September 30th : Phase 3 - two Chiffchaffs JAL.

September 16th : Phase 3 development site held Meadow Pipit, Chiffchaff, Common Darter, Migrant and Brown Hawkers DWE, JAL.

October 13th : wind in the east and first Redwings of the winter - 7 over the Walled Garden DWE.

September 4th : a Kingfisher was seen flying over lake 5 Clare Holdsworth.

August 20th : Phacelia growing in the Walled Garden and Buckwheat Fagopyrum esculentum - both new for Keele (see blog) DWE.

August 6th : Bugloss Anchus arvensis growing by the Observatory - a new plant for Keele. Also Willow Warbler calling in the Walled Garden DWE.

August 4th : Pine Carpet added to the Keele list - see blog DWE.

August 1st : Black Arches moth new to Keele - see blog DWE.

July 24th : three Emperor Dragonflies at Phase 3 Development Site plus two Reed Buntings. Plenty of Small Skippers too DWE, JAL.

July 22nd : an Essex Skipper among 20+ Small Skippers. Also Six-spotted Burnet and Meadow Brown DWE.

July 17th - 2/3 Essex Skippers in Clock House Drive with a number of Small Skippers NDP.

July 9th : a Wool Carder Bee, a scarce species in Staffordshire, was seen in the Sustainability Hub garden DWE.

July 1st : 17 House Martin nests counted plus Swallows nesting above Newsagent's and two Ravens in the woods NDP.

June 26th : Beautiful Hook-tip moth new to Keele in Walled Garden DWE.

June 25th : Burnet Companion moth new to Keele at Phase 3 development site DWE.

June 24th : Yarrow Plume-moth new to Keele in the Walled Garden DWE.

June 10th : Monkey Flower at the Phase 3 site is new to Keele as is the Tree Bumblebee near the Observatory DWE.

June 1st : a Green Woodpecker was seen and heard near the tennis courts; and possibly a second bird too Peter Knight.

May 29th : a Cuckoo has twice been heard calling near Upper Springpool Wood Bev Roberts.

May 27th : a Yellow Wagtail and three Whitethroats were seen along Limes Road MS.

May 23rd : an Oystercatcher flew over campus at 8.30am DWE, JAL.

May 16th : A Hornet by the Sustainability Hub, plus Whitethroat and Blackcap singing DWE.

May 15th : Cuckoo calling behind lakes 2/3; Whitethroat singing behind the Students Union car-park DWE.

May 13th : Garden Warbler singing in the Memorial Garden DWE.

May 5th : flock of 15 Crossbills in the conifers behind Keele Hall. First Swift of the year flew over. DWE.

May 2nd : A male Redstart was singing in the Walled Garden. It is a rare bird here. DWE

April 29th : Whitethroat singing by the Sustainability Hub JAL.

April 14th : Willow Warbler singing by Observatory Walk DWE.

April 13th : several Swallows plus Orange-tip and Green-veined White butterflies DWE.

April 7th : Swallow (first one this year) flew over the Walled Garden where a Blackcap and 2 Chiffchaffs were singing DWE.

April 3rd : A record 17 Canada Geese on Lake 1 this morning Clare Holdsworth.

April 2nd : Blackcap singing behind the Terrace DWE.

April 1st : 50+ Meadow Pipits on Phase 3 JAL.

March 31st : male Blackcap in the Walled Garden DWE and a pair of Mandarins along Lymes Road MS.

March 20th : located the Golden Plover flock along Lymes Road. Also found Grey Shoulder-knot moth (see blog) on a tree trunk on Keele Drive DWE.

March 19th : flock of 100 Golden Plover flew over campus at 5pm DWE.

March 17th : Chiffchaffs singing in the Walled Garden DWE and by the Sustainability Hub JAL.

March 15th : Chiffchaff by the Clock House, Brambling by Lake 3 and 3 Crossbills over Drive Lodge MS.

March 13th : male Reed Bunting visiting a Springpool Garden bird feeder and frogspawn present in the pool too Jane Wallace.

March 5th : At least 6 Mallard on Phase 3 and 7/8 Goldfinches JAL/DWE.

March 3rd : a stack of 7 Buzzards spiralled over Lake 1 P&D Knight.

February 12th : severe overnight gales caused a lot of damage. Many trees have come down. Fortunately no building damage and nobody injured.

February 6th : Small flock of Fieldfare, Redwings and Starlings feeding on the sports field opposite Barnes Hall DWE.

February 4th : 7 Moorhens feeding by Lake 1 DWE.