Sightings in 2010

Regular recorders are indicated by their initials:

DWE - Dave Emley
JAL - Andy Lawrence
MS - Mark Sutton
NC - Neil Carter
NDP - Nick Pomiankowski
ST - Steve Turner

November 12th: three three Little Grebes are still on the top lake DWE.

October 20th : three Little Grebes on the top lake DWE.

October 12th : Little Grebe on the top lake DWE.

September 22nd : a flock of 10 Buzzards circled over Keele Hall DWE.

August 5th : A Hobby flew over the Terrace at 8am DWE.

July 29th : a Polecat was seen running down Clock House Drive Helen Urwin.

July 19th : the top lake was "covered" with a large number of Common Blue Damselflies. In addition there was a Brown Hawker and an Emperor Dragonfly. The number of Mallards on the lake has now reached 30 but the Canada Goose family appears to have moved on DWE. A Polecat was seen in a Springpool garden Gordon Lancaster.

July 15th : a female Tufted Duck was seen on the top lake NDP.

June 10th : a Badger has been seen recently around Springpool Wood and neighbouring gardens Sarah Graham.

June 3rd : a Hobby flew over campus ST.

June 2nd : A Red Kite circled over Keele Hall before drifting over the campus DWE. This is the third Keele record.

May 26th : a Whitethroat visited the Walled Garden - it's is unusual to see them in this part of campus DWE.

May 9th : A male Whinchat was seen in Lymes Road and a Whitethroat in Clock House Drive MS.

May 6th : the Canada Geese that nested on the island in the top lake have hatched 7 goslings. There were also 10 Mallard ducklings on the lake DWE.

April 28th : a Garden Warbler was singing, appropriately, in the Walled Garden DWE.

April 27th : A Wood Warbler was singing by the Clock House DWE.

April 24th : A Swift over the Observatory and a Yellow Wagtail along Lymes Road MS.

April 23rd : two Wheatears on Phase 3 MS.

April 15th : A Little Grebe has returned to the top lake. The Canada Geese are sitting on eggs on the island in the lake and a Blackcap was singing too DWE.

April 14th : Willow Warblers and Chiffchaffs are singing around the Terrace area DWE. In the evening, the Whimbrel was still present on Phase 3 together with a Curlew and a pair of Mandarins MS.

April 13th : A Whimbrel spent an hour on Phase 3 site MS.

March 26th : a pair of Mandarins were displaying over Lake 1 and a pair of Canada Geese appear to be nesting on the island; a Chiffchaff was singing along Lymes Road MS.

March 20th : 1 Greylag Goose flew over Clock House Drive, a Curlew and 25 Golden Plovers along Lymes Road MS.

March 18th : 10 Lapwings and around 80 Linnets on Phase 3 DWE, JAL.

March 11th : two Canada Geese landed on the top lake and remained for a few hours DWE.

February 13th : A male Goosander was seen flying low over the Phase 3 site. This is a first record for Keele MS. An adult winter Mediterranean Gull was seen in a ploughed field along Lymes Road MS.

February 6th : 1150 Pink-footed Geese passed over Keele heading W or NW in 5 skeins MS. This coincoded with other movements over North Staffs.

January 9th : Woodcock flew over Keele Hall; female Teal on Lake 7; Brambling feeding in Drive Lodge garden; Canada Goose flew over Clock House Drive; a Peregrine flew over Larchwood MS. 30 Meadow Pipits on the Phase 3 site NC.

January 6th : Snow and ice is affecting the campus forcing Redwings and Fieldfares to feed under trees and bushes. The trees around the top lake are particularly popular. The small area of free water on the lake attracted 10 Mallard, 5 Moorhens and a Coot.