Maintenance and pest control

All maintenance, repair and pest requests should be logged via the Service Desk (use self-service portal).  

If you spot that something isn't working as it should, please log this via the Service Desk - the sooner we know about it, the sooner we can fix it.  

  • Log in to the Service Desk 
  • Use the search bar and include the word repair in your search. 
  • Choose the type of repair 
  • Complete and submit the form 


  • Log in to the Service Desk 
  • Choose the 'Campus' tile 
  • Next choose ‘Accommodation’ and then ‘Student Accommodation’ 
  • Choose 'Request a repair' (and choose the type) from the options on the right  
  • Complete and submit the form 

Want to know how the repair is progressing? Log back into Service Desk and check on the logged repair 

Contact 24 hour Campus Safety on 01782 733999. Where appropriate, Campus Safety will contact the duty maintenance engineer who will attend. In certain circumstances, the repair will be attended to the next day or next working day.

  • Category 1: Emergencies – 2 hour response in the event that this would cause a health and safety threat such as:
    • Gas leak
    • Loss of power
    • Major water leak
    • Lift breakdown
    • Fire or imminent risk of fire
    • Collapse of a structure
  • Category 2: Urgent attention – within 2 working days (causes no threat to health and safety) such as:
    • Blocked drains/toilets (in some assessments would be category 1)
    • Broken window (would be boarded up initially)
    • Loss of heating/lighting in a room
    • Running taps (not dripping)
    • Stair light not working
    • Floor covering (trip hazard)
    • Ingress of water in a building (other than flooding)
    • Problems preventing emergency or disabled access
    • Single radiator not working (depending on time of year)
  • Category 3: Non-urgent repairs – within 14 working days (reduces quality of services or causes some inconvenience) such as:
    • Lack of power in a single socket
    • Dripping taps
    • Adjustments to doors/windows
    • Replacement curtains and blinds
    • Minor decoration
    • Extractor fans not working
    • Plaster repairs

The above lists are not exhaustive but are examples of maintenance issues that may need resolving. Any Category 2 repair reported on Friday would be carried forward to the following Monday. 

Occasionally, due to circumstances beyond our control, there may be the need to treat for pests, such as wasps or ants.

If you want to report an infestation, please click on the report a maintenance, repair or pest request button at the top of the page.

We will then contact a specialist company who will remove the infestation. The time taken for this work will vary depending on the type of pest.

In the event of faults/maintenance requests not being carried out within the above periods there are 2 ways you can request an update.

  • Email quoting the Service Desk reference number (starting with I)
  • Log back in to the Service Desk click on My Self Service and then My Requests.  Select the relevant request and type in the Add Reply box