Keys (lost & damaged)

Please do your utmost to keep your keys safe at all times. Although it is possible for them to be replaced, this will come at a cost to yourself.

Have you checked the following places in case they have been found and handed in

  • University Reception - Denise Coates Foundation Building (IC6)
  • Students' Union Reception
  • Sports Centre Reception
  • Library
  • Campus Safety

If they have not been found, you can buy a new set from the Student Accommodation team.  Contact us to arrange collection of a new key.  The cost is £15 per key, up to a maximum of £30.

You must make sure that you return a full set of keys to the Student Accommodation team at the end of your occupancy, or you will be charged £30.

There is a charge for damaged room keys (broken or bent). The cost is £15 per key, up to a maximum of £30.  Contact us to arrange collection of a new key(s).

You should take your keys/Keele card with you whenever you leave your room. If you leave your room just to go to the kitchen or bathroom, you should always lock your bedroom door - treat it as you would your front door at home.  Our Cleaning and Estates teams will always lock doors that are left open to protect you and your belongings.

In office hours (Monday - Friday, 9 am - 4.45 pm) the Student Accommodation team can arrange for someone to let you in (a lockout). Outside these hours you should contact Campus Safety.

A charge of £10 will be added to your accommodation account when staff have to let you into your accommodation more than once, including the Campus Safety Team.