Guest accommodation

A guest is anyone who does not have a contract for the room in which they are staying. This includes non-students, students who live off campus and students who have a contract for another room on campus.

There is no charge if you would like a guest to stay in your room. To record your guest visit click on the Request a Guest Visit button on the Accommodation Portal (see below) in advance of their stay.  However if you would like a camp bed with bedding there is a £15 charge (a minimum of 1 working day's notice is required for this).  We are not able to provide camp beds in en-suite plus or superior rooms (for September 2024 onwards en-suite and superior en-suite rooms).

Please note that guests are not permitted in student bedrooms for the first two weeks of any semester since these are settling in periods with the arrival of many new students.

If a guest is staying in the Halls of Residence but is not registered, this will be treated as a breach of regulations and the student may be disciplined and fined. It is important that the University knows who is in the building so that we can notify the fire service in the event of an evacuation.

The maximum duration of any stay must not be more than 3 nights. There cannot be concurrent visits of this duration without a break of at least 3 nights. The halls of residence are provided for students who are studying at Keele. If you require accommodation for others on a longer term basis i.e. family/partner, you should contact the Student Accommodation team to discuss alternatives.  These procedures still apply if the guest has a room elsewhere on campus.


If you need a camp bed and bedding please contact us.