BSc (Hons) Nursing Studies (2017 Entry)

Course type: Single Honours,
Entry requirements: Read more about entry requirements
Typical offer:Qualified Nurse with a minimum of two years experience
Tuition fees: Read more about tuition fees
Duration and mode of study: 1 to 5 years, Full-time/part-time
Location of study:Clinical Education Centre Royal Stoke University Hospital
Subject Area: Nursing and Midwifery, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences

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Course Overview

Please note that this course is for qualified nurses only and not for pre-registration nurses.

Research has shown that enhancing the skills of qualified nurses to degree level globally is associated with lower mortality rates, fewer medication errors, and other quality care indications. In response there is currently a national and international drive towards an all-graduate profession and a recognised need for educational programmes to upskill qualified nurses to degree level. There is contemporaneous growing awareness that health is a global issue influenced by factors that extend beyond national borders. The need for nurses in all countries to be educated to mobilise knowledge and engage in critical reasoning and ethical conduct to provide contextually appropriate healthcare and globally connected teams is increasingly being recognised.

This programme will expand the choice available to national and international nursing students who wish to develop their nursing studies at Keele University. Students will be able to undertake one year of full-time academic study or up to five years of part-time study, without assessed practice outcomes, to enhance their critical thinking, leadership skills and ability to anticipate, plan and implement the changes that are required to improve the quality of nursing care in the dynamic context of global challenges to contemporary nursing practice.

The programme’s objectives will be aligned with the World Health Organisation Strategic Directions for strengthening Nursing and Midwifery services, the International Council of Nurses Career Development in Nursing and the Modernising Nursing Careers recommendations. Each of these documents clearly identify a series of priorities and actions intended to prepare nurses to lead and coordinate care in new environments determined by the changing healthcare needs of patients, clients and society. 

Course content

Our Course Information Documents (CIDs) are designed to give you all of the details you need to make an informed decision about what and where to study.

Single Honours Course Information Document (PDF)

Single Honours

The BSc (Hons) Nursing Studies structure is designed to run alongside the Specialist Practice degree programmes and utilise pre-existing modules that currently run within these and the BSc (Hons) Clinical Practice programme.

Below is an indicative range of modules you could study as part of this course.

Compulsory modules

  • Evidence-based Practice
  • Clinical Leadership
  •  Public Health and Social Policy
  • Infection Prevention and Control
  • Global Nursing Studies Dissertation 


Elective Modules

Elective modules may be selected according to the individual student’s interest from:

  • Supporting people with Long Term Conditions
  • Person Centred Care of the Person with Dementia
  • Mental Health Assessment for Non Mental Health Settings
  • Legal and Ethical Issues in Healthcare
  • Promoting health and well-being in children and young people

The proposed programme will run from in parallel with the BSc Specialist Practice programmes for 10 months from September to June, allowing international students to graduate at Keele Campus within the same academic year of study before returning home. Students who choose to undertake the programme on a part-time basis will meet with the Award Lead prior to the course commencing to develop a bespoke course plan to suit their individual needs, spread over the number of years required. 

Codes and Combinations

Codes and Combinations

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Students should note that to be awarded BSc (Hons) Nursing Studies accreditation they must pass all the compulsory and selected elective Modules in the programme and achieve a minimum standard of 40% in each module. There will be no award of pass (unclassified degree). Students must be successful in all summative assessments and all modules must be successfully completed.

This programme has professional accreditation and there are specific regulations, which you must agree to abide by.

No compensation is permitted by the Nursing and Midwifery Council and although this programme does not require Nursing and Midwifery Council approval, it relates to nursing practice. (NMC QA Framework 2013 Annex 1).

In addition to meeting the requirements of the University’s Academic Regulations (Section 1, Regulation 1A, students are expected to demonstrate a standard of personal performance commensurate with that expected under their Professional Code of Conduct. Failure to do so may result in the student being subject to the School’s Health & Conduct arrangements.