The following documents are available for you to download

Your Accommodation Booklet 2017/18

Download your booklet Living at Keele

Keele Tenants Handbook

Download your Keele Tenants Handbook

Living Away From Home Guide

This useful booklet gives lots of information on living on campus.

Download your Moving to Keele Guide

Residential Terms & Conditions

Please ensure that you have read the latest version of the Terms & Conditions in full, as changes have been made

Download your Residential Terms and Conditions 2017/18

Remember that your accommodation contract is a legal document and therefore is legally binding.  It is very important that you read and understand this before accepting an accommodation contract with us

Vacation Accommodation Booking Conditions

Download your Vacation Accommodation Booking Conditions

Residence Magazine

Provides you with an insight into life at Keele University - Residence Magazine‌

House Hunting Guide

This useful booklet gives you lots of information about living off campus.

Download your House Hunting Guide‌

Fire in Residences - Advice for Residents

Instructions and Advice on Fire Safety.

Download your Fires in Residences - Advice for Residents

Adapt Your Electrical Equipment Appliances For Safe Use

Download your Adapt Your Electrical Equipment For Safe Use