Pharmacology - MSc

Our career-focused Pharmacology MSc aims to provide you with the advanced theoretical knowledge, practical and analytical skills required for career advancement within drug research and related industries.

Month of entry

  • September

Mode of study

  • Full time


Subject area

  • Life Sciences

Fees for 2024/25 academic year

  • UK - Full time £11,000 per year.
    International - £20,700 per year.

Duration of study

  • Full time - 1 year

Why study Pharmacology at Keele University?

Develop knowledge of advanced theoretical perspectives, methodological approaches and current research topics in drug discovery and pharmacology
Gain advanced skills in the practical study of pharmacology including quantitative analysis of ligand-receptor binding and use of in vitro models to study drug action
Undertake an extensive research project including significant lab-based and/or advanced computational studies in an area of pharmacology and drug design
Enrich your learning by listening to our guest speakers from across the University and the NHS
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Keele Postgraduate Association

Keele University is one of a handful of universities in the UK to have a dedicated students' union for postgraduate students. A fully registered charity, Keele Postgraduate Association serves as a focal point for the social life and welfare needs of all postgraduate students during their time at Keele.

KPA interior

Hugely popular, the KPA Clubhouse (near Horwood Hall) provides a dedicated postgraduate social space and bar on campus, where you can grab a bite to eat and drink, sit quietly and read a book, or switch off from academic life at one of the many regular events organised throughout the year. The KPA also helps to host a variety of conferences, as well as other academic and career sessions, to give you and your fellow postgraduates the opportunities to come together to discuss your research, and develop your skills and networks.

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