Cyber Security - MSc

Vital to the infrastructure of organisations across the globe, IT systems improve efficiency and productivity, bringing remote teams, clients, partners and suppliers closer together. Yet as technological advances increase, so too do potential threats to user privacy, data protection and service vulnerability. Our MSc in Cyber Security aims to develop and extend the practical skills necessary to design, build, deploy and evaluate cyber security countermeasures. 

Month of entry

  • September

Mode of study

  • Full time


Subject area

  • Computer Science

Fees for 2024/25 academic year

  • UK - Full time £11,000 per year.
    International - £20,700 per year.

Duration of study

  • 1 year

Why study Cyber Security at Keele University?

Develop and then put your professional and technical skills to use solving a real-world problem on either an industrial placement or MSc Project
Internationally recognised expertise in computational neuroscience, cyber security, evolutionary systems, machine learning and AI, software and systems engineering
Access to specialist equipment, including over 100 PCs with relevant hardware and software, gaming lab, high-performance computing infrastructure and Makerspace
Continuous investment in facilities: the new Digital Society Institute will host a state-of-the-art £330k high-performance computing cluster for data-driven research, and VR/Interaction Lab
High staff-to-student ratio enhanced by small-group tutorials and a strong, inclusive research community
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Computing facilities in CSL

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Computer Science student listening to academic in CSL at Keele

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