Code of Practice on Postgraduate Research Degrees

The Code of Practice on Postgraduate Research Degrees is the framework through which Keele University delivers its postgraduate research (PGR) degrees. Senate approved the latest version in December 2020 (and approved further minor updates in June 2021). The Code of Practice supplements the formal University regulations through its inclusion of detailed guidance in a range of areas central to PGR administration and the PGR student experience. It is therefore an integral part of quality assurance mechanisms at Keele and helps to ensure that research degree provision is consistent across the institution.

The Code of Practice applies to all students taking supervised research degree programmes at Keele; this includes:

  • Students on PhD, MD, DM and MPhil programmes
  • Students in the research stages of Professional Doctorate programmes such as EdD, DBA, DSW and DPharm

In addition to research degree students, all Faculty Research Offices and research staff who are associated with Keele’s research degree programmes should understand and follow the Code of Practice.

Here you can access and download the latest version of the Code of Practice on Postgraduate Research Degrees (PDF, 158KB).


  • Version 5.5, approved by Senate, June 2021.
  • This iteration replaced the previous one (Version 5.4) which Senate approved in December 2020.


  • Academic Registry

To Be Reviewed

  • Every 3 years

Date of Next Review

  • March 2023