At Keele we offer 10 levels of German, from absolute begineer to post-A-level, available to all Keele students and staff.

German is the most widely spoken language in the EU, and Germany is the largest export nation in the EU and third largest in the world. Learning German, therefore, can only enhance your future employment prospective, whatever your chosen career path.

See the module catalogue for the descriptions of:

Semester 1
Semester 2

German 1

German 2

German 3

German 4

German 5

German 6

German 7

German 8

German 9

German 10

Which level do I choose?

There are 10 levels (stage 1-10). The qualifications table will show you the most appropriate module for your level of language competence. Where GCSE qualifications are given, we assume these were taken 2-5 years ago.

Keele Students

If you choose a Modern Language module as a free-standing elective within your undergraduate degree programme there is no additional cost.

If your principal programme does not allow you to take any free-standing elective modules you can still enrol on one language module per semester free of charge.  Equally, if you can only choose one free-standing elective per year you can take a second module in the same language without additional charges.


Students who have sufficient free-elective space but would like to take one or more Modern Language modules in addition to their degree have to pay a module fee of £250 for the first module and £199 for a second module in the same language in the same year.

We are pleased to offer our PGT and PGR students a number of free places on our language modules (subject to availability). For details please e-mail

Please contact the Language Centre office ( who will be happy to advise on any of the above.

Keele Staff

As part of Keele's international strategy, the Language Centre offers free places on credit-bearing language modules to staff.


Times for classes are dependent on the Keele undergraduate timetable and will be available from the beginning of the academic year.

We also run an exchange programme with Lüneburg University, offering students on our language modules the chance to get first-hand experience of language and culture during vacation periods – see Residential Summer Language Courses.

What our students say

Here's what some of our previous students had to say about our German Modern Language modules:

"Very happy with this module, I thoroughly enjoyed it, more than I ever expected to. The teaching was brilliant and I felt like I was improving more and more each lesson. My best taught module this semester, very glad I took it."

"This was my third German module and I've enjoyed each of them equally. Wonderful teaching and great topics!"

"Thoroughly enjoyed the module, I found the teacher to be very good and very approachable."