Language clubs and societies

One great way to meet speakers of our modern languages is to join one of the Students Union's language societies. They will give you the chance to meet likeminded people who share a passion for the language you are studying and its culture, as well as offering a great way to improve your conversational language skills.

Are you learning Spanish or are you native?

Would you like to meet people who speak Spanish and have an opportunity to practice the language?

Are you looking for your home away from home at Keele?

Come to El Club de Español, discover Hispanic culture, improve your language skills and meet new people.

Everyone is welcome, natives and learners!

Join El Club de Español!

Bonjour tout le monde!

Le Cercle Français est pour les gens qui veulent apprendre le français et approfondir leur maîtrise de la langue de Molière. On fait un rendez-vous (pour les niveaux avancés) et un soirée de film (avec sous-titres) tous les trois semaines. C'est l'opportunite parfaite pour apprendre le français en s'amusent et en rencontrant des gens intéressant!

The French Circle is for anyone who is looking to learn or improve their French up to and beyond conversational level. We meet twice every three weeks, once for more advanced speakers to meet up and chat, and once for a film night (with sub-titles). It's the perfect opportunity to learn French whist having fun and meeting interesting people!

Join Le Cercle Français

The Japanese Culture Society will provide opportunities for members to experience the cultural activities of Japan.

There are now weekly meetings about what we are planning.

These include trips to Japanese restaurants and festivals, cooking Japanese food together, watching Japanese movies and dramas and playing traditional Japanese games and learning the Japanese language.

There is no membership and fees required, so please feel free to join our activities.

Join the Japanese Culture Society

中文角每周四下午 3-4 点在语言中心LINK CBB.001举行。
Hello All, 
Welcome to Chinese Corner!
Chinese Corner will be held 3 - 4 pm on Thursdays at LINK CBB0.001 at Language Centre. 
You will learn Chinese language and take part in  interesting  traditional Chinese activities , experience the 5,000 years Chinese culture and make friends with Chinese students and Keele students on campus. 
Please bring your friends along to Chinese Corner if they are interested in Chinese language and culture.