Academic English for postgraduate students

Academic English for Postgraduate Students (AEP) focuses on building and strengthening the specific writing, reading, speaking and analytical skills international postgraduate students require for success with their degree course.

An active approach is taken to skill development in these classes, which are designed workshop-style to maximise opportunities for practice and feedback. In each session students work with material drawn from a range of authentic academic sources to prepare them for the tasks required of them for their degree work.

Focus is on developing the particular skills needed for:

  • Essay and dissertation writing, including structuring, expressing ideas with clarity and accuracy, incorporating source material, summarising and paraphrasing, taking a critical/analytical approach to source material, conveying a point of view in an ‘academic’ style, referencing and citation, avoiding plagiarism.
  • Reading extended or complex texts, including strategies for approaching readings, reading ‘critically’, note-taking techniques, recognising an author’s stance, vocabulary enhancement.
  • Spoken communication important to the academic context may also be addressed in these sessions, including the development of oral presentation skills, seminar discussion techniques and class participation confidence-building.
  • AEP modules are offered at three levels to ensure progressive skill development. Placement follows an initial language assessment by the English Language Unit. A Certificate of Completion is awarded to successful candidates at the end of each module.
Semester 1
Semester 2

Academic English for Postgraduate Students 1

Academic English for Postgraduate Students 1-B

Academic English for Postgraduate Students 2

Academic English for Postgraduate Students 2

Academic English for Postgraduate Science Students


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What our students say

Here's what some of our previous students had to say about our Academic English for Postgraduate Students module:

"It really helped me improve my academic skill particularly in academic writing. Thanks!"

"This module improved my English skills, especially in essay writing and helped me to read more efficiently."

"Practical and helpful."

"Great academic introduction."

"The learning resources are rich and easy to understand."

"The tutor is patient and professional."

"Very helpful for my academic writing."

"Great atmosphere."

"Really helped me learn more about English academic writing."

"Helpful guidance for my assignments and dissertation."