Physics and Astrophysics

Physics and Astrophysics have long been taught to the highest standards here at Keele, no matter if you want to do a combined honours degree involving another subject or specialise in Physics / Astrophysics and study your subject in greater breadth and depth with our single honours degrees. 

The Physics laboratories in the CSL have been designed to meet, exceed, and enhance our unparalleled teaching experience. In addition to our onsite observatory, we offer state-of-the-art laboratory space equipped with the best and most innovative teaching equipment. These range from open bench space to dark rooms where the concepts of physics and astrophysics can be explored.  

In addition to our laboratory space, we offer two large PC suites for use in physics/astrophysics teaching one of which is dedicated to the physics/astrophysics programmes.

Steve Wye 300x300 "The CSL laboratory provides a comfortable spacious environment to teach experimental physics, the broadcast facilities allow students to see screens all around the lab used for theory and example calculations, and then execute the experiments in bespoke areas designed to provide the best conditions to perform the experiments."

Dr S Wye

Forensic Science

Physics and Astrophysics

Undergraduate Study