Chemistry and Medicinal Chemistry

Chemistry and Medicinal Chemistry graduates must have an extensive range of subject and transferable skills to be competitive in finding the career they want. The Central Sciences Laboratories was built with that in mind and offers a range of laboratory environments for students to learn in ranging from traditional teaching laboratory space recognisable with fume hoods to open laboratory space for group work and non-hazardous chemistry.

In addition to state of the art laboratory space we have invested heavily in the equipment used by students. Each fume extraction hood is equipped with its own set of glassware and laboratory staples such as stirrers/hotplates/heat guns. To accompany the teaching laboratories there are two dedicated instrument laboratories containing UV/IR/VIS spectrometers, Liquid & gas chromatography, mass spectrometry, and NMR.

All of our laboratory space and specialised equipment is reconfigurable to meet the demand of modern teaching.

Dr Dave McGarvey "The CSL provides an excellent physical and digital environment for laboratory-based undergraduate education in the physical sciences, offering sector-leading hands-on experience of research-grade equipment and instrumentation as well as supporting interactive and collaborative learning."

Dr Dave McGarvey