Forensic Science

In order to teach forensic science to the highest of standards in our fantastic central teaching laboratories facility we utilise the latest laboratory space and equipment. Our facilities at Keele contain multiple analytical suites that house industry-standard equipment used in the analysis of forensic evidence. Including Video Spectral Comparators, comparison microscope, AFIS, micro spectrophotometer, Raman spectrometer, NMR spectrometers, ICP-OES, GCs, GC-MS, UV Vis spectrometers, fluorimeters and FT-IR spectrometers, and NMR. 

We teach forensic science across all floors of the CSL ranging from dark rooms used for forensic enhancement techniques, flexible laboratory space for anthropology and taphonomy, wet laboratory space, and specialised teaching spaces with the essential analytical equipment used in forensic science.  

Dr Jamie Pringle, reader promotion Forensic Science at Keele is a very multi-disciplinary subject and the diversity of laboratories and facilities within the CSL provide an excellent environment for our students to learn and develop their analytical and investigative skills.

Dr Jamie Pringle