Information for Students

Publication of Results

Results are released after each assessment period in the form of an individual email to students. At any other time, results should be obtained from Academic Schools. Once marks are agreed at the end of the academic year they will appear in eVision but are subject to final approval by the University's External Examiners.

Expected Results Release Schedule:
Foundation Year * Week ending Friday 31st July
Level 4  * Week ending Friday 24th July
Level 5 * Week ending Friday 31st July
Finalists & Level 6 * Tuesday 14th July
Expected Re-Sit Results Release Schedule:
Foundation Year * Week ending 11 September 2020
Level 4 & 5,Finalists & Level 6 * 7 September 2020


* Results schedule is applicable to students in the Faculty of Humanaties & Social Sciences and the Faculty of Natural Sciences. For those students in the Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences, please contact your school for further information about the release date of your results.


Student Records and Examinations does not have the resources to issue results on an individual basis. If you are an undergraduate student graduating from 2014 onwards, with the exception of those students studying Medicine or a Post-registration Nursing degree, you can view your results on your Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR). Full information can be found by going to

All other students will continue to receive a paper-based Final Transcript with their degree certificate, free of charge, after their award has been awarded by the University's Senate.

Personalised Exam Arrangements

Individual exam arrangements can be made under certain circumstances such as disability, illness, religious observance or caring responsibilities. Click here for more information.

Emergency Examination Arrangements

Emergency Examination Arrangements

Sometimes an unforeseen situation can arise in the weeks/days leading up to the examination periods, which would make it difficult for a student to complete their examinations to the best of their abilities, should this need arise then the University may be able to provide emergency examination arrangements, on a case by case basis.

Examples of emergencies include temporary disabilities such as broken/sprained arms, wrists, fingers, damage to shoulder, neck, collar bone etc., all of which would make writing or sitting for long periods difficult/uncomfortable and where the use of a PC, or an amanuensis/scribe*, or rest breaks may be appropriate. Suitable evidence would need to be provided in most cases. It would also include pregnancy related conditions and arrangements for students who become unwell on the day of their examination, where it may be appropriate to ask the Senior Invigilator in the main venue to position you close to the exit door and to generally monitor your well-being during the examination.

Students that require emergency examination arrangements should contact Disability Services by email: or telephone: 01782 733950, as soon as they become aware of any kind of problem that will affect their performance in an examination. Disability Services will assess the needs of the student and the evidence provided; they will then advise the Examinations Team as to the most feasible and appropriate adjustments that can be put in place to help the student sit their examination(s). The Examinations Team will then contact the student by email to confirm the emergency examination arrangements that can be put in place.

Long term disabilities and previously known conditions are not classed as ‘emergency’ and students should apply to Disability Services for examination support by the published deadlines.

*Students should note that it is not always possible to provide an amanuensis/scribe or an individual room at very short notice, in which case Disability Services will advise on the best possible alternative arrangements for the student; in some cases this may mean not sitting the examination and instead taking it as a first attempt at the next available opportunity.

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