Examination policies and code of practice

Unless the rubric of the examination paper strictly prohibits it, students may use a calculator in all University examinations.

The following rules are designed to regulate the type of calculator that may be used. These rules ensure that students do not bring into the examination room any device that would enable them to obtain an unfair advantage, such as a more advanced calculator with increased functionality, or that is capable of information/text storage and retrieval. The introduction of specific guidelines aim to provide clarity and reassurance to all students that they are bringing the correct calculator into an examination, ensure parity of treatment across the entire student body and provide a policy that is enforceable in practice by invigilators.

Keele University students are only permitted to use the following non-programmable calculators in examinations:

  • Aurora SC582 series
  • Casio FX-82 series
  • Casio FX-83 series
  • Casio FX-85 series
  • Casio FX-350 series
  • Sharp EL-509 series
  • Sharp EL-531 series
  • Texas Instruments TI30 series

Please note that students are not allowed to keep formulae stored within their calculators.

Invigilators may examine any device a student brings into the examination room. If the device does not comply with these rules, it will be confiscated and returned only at the end of the examination; no replacement will be provided. A form will be completed to record the incident.

The lending or sharing of calculators in an examination is not permitted, and spare calculators are not provided, so please ensure that your calculator is on the approved list before you sit your first examination.

If you have any concerns regarding whether your calculator is acceptable for use in University examinations then please bring the calculator to the Student Services Centre in the Tawney Building where staff will be pleased to check this and advise you accordingly.

Information for students about sitting examinations during periods of adverse weather

All centrally timetabled University Examinations are categorised as an essential service and therefore the University will take every step to ensure that all examinations are able to continue, even if specific venues have to be amended due to the impact of severe weather.

In the event of non-essential services being closed due to severe weather, all students who live on campus will be expected to attend their examination(s) as timetabled. Students who do not live on campus are advised to attend examinations only if they feel safe to do so.

Students who do not live on campus, who are unable to attend an examination on a day when non-essential services have been closed, will need to register their absence on the day via e-vision and will automatically be awarded a further first attempt to sit the examination at the next available opportunity.

Students who live on campus who do not attend an examination and students who do not live on campus who fail to register their absence, will on a day when non-essential services are closed be required to follow the standard University procedures and submit an exceptional circumstances form using e:vision, accompanied by the appropriate evidence.

Regular updates will appear on this page during any periods of adverse weather conditions which affect the University campus whilst examinations are taking place.

Please click on the link below for instructions on registering your non-attendance at a University examination that has been affected by adverse weather conditions.

How to register non attendance during adverse weather conditions

Examinations and Open Book Assessments Code of Practice

This Code of Practice has been produced for both students and staff, including students studying at Collaborative Partner Institutions. It sets out the University’s approach to scheduling and delivering examinations and to provide detailed descriptions of processes and roles of people involved in these processes.