Assessment dates and timetables

Dates of assessment periods

Assessment Period Dates Assessment Timetable Published on the Web
Semester 1
Assessment Period
Monday 10 January -
Friday 21 January 2022
Friday 26 November 2021
Semester 2
Assessment Period
Monday 9 May -
Friday 27 May 2022
Friday 25 March 2022
Semester 1
Re-assessment Period*
Monday 6 June -
Friday 10 June 2022
Friday 25 March 2022
Semester 2
Re-assessment Period
Monday 15 August -
Friday 19 August 2022
Friday 29 July 2022

Assessment timetables

Please ensure that you refer to the module code, not title, of the modules you are studying when you are looking up the day, time and location of your assessments, since some modules have very similar, or identical, titles.

Finalists who are required to sit a Semester 1 module (either as a reassessment or an exceptional further first attempt) will sit their assessment during the period 9th to 13th May 2022

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