Programme approval, modification, suspension and withdrawal

Full details of the programme approval, suspension and withdrawal processes can be found in the Guide to Programme Approval, Suspension and Withdrawal. These apply to all undergraduate, postgraduate and research degrees. Processes are designed to ensure that any new or significantly revised programmes are academically appropriate and robust, in line with the University’s and local strategic aims, financially viable, and underpinned by the necessary resources. For further details, please contact Claire Evans, Validation and Review Officer.

The University’s processes for programme approval, modification and withdrawal or suspension are informed by the Quality Assurance Agency’s UK Quality Code for Higher Education, Advice and Guidance themes on Course Design and Development and Monitoring and Evaluation.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) provision which consists only of individual modules not leading to a named award does not fall under the remit of this guidance. Instead, individual CPD modules follow the normal module approval categories via School Education Committee (SEC) / Faculty Education Committee (FEC).

Proposals for programmes delivered in collaboration with other institutions must meet the requirements set out in the Programme Approval Handbook, but will also be subject to additional scrutiny. The process will be informed not just by the programme approval criteria but also by the Collaborative Provision Code of Practice. Programme teams embarking on a proposal for collaborative provision, whether with a new or existing partner, must contact Dave Hazelgrove, Collaborative Provision Officer in Quality Assurance.