Module approval, revision and withdrawal

The majority of the University's programmes are made up of multiple modules. Each module is normally specific to a subject or programme and a level of study (linked to the Framework for Higher Education Qualifications). Modules have a number of credits allocated to them and are designated as compulsory or optional. By successfully completing a prescribed collection of modules, students build up sufficient credit to be given an award at the end of their studies.

Updating the modules that are offered is an important way that schools and programme teams can ensure that the curriculum delivered to students remains current and keeps pace with the developments in their discipline. Beyond that, where possible, in offering a range of modules, students are given the opportunity to play an active part in their learning by tailoring parts of their degree programme towards their own interests.

Importantly, Keele's process of module approval and revision allows for:

  • Schools and programme teams to act on student feedback
  • The assurance of the quality and standards of the provision sanctioned by the University
  • A level of scrutiny consistent with the extent and implications of the changes being proposed
  • A system that is led by and responsive to the needs of the academic community

Information to support colleagues through the process of proposing new and revising existing modules is available on the Staff Intranet. This covers module approval, revision and withdrawal.