• Admissions Appeals Policy

    Keele University's EU/UK Admissions Appeals Policy and form

    Approved 4 April 2017

  • Admissions Feedback Procedure

    Keele University's EU/UK Admissions Feedback Procedure

    Approved 1 March 2017

  • Admissions Interview Policy

    Keele University's EU/UK Admissions Interview Policy

    Approved 4 December 2012

  • Admissions Policy

    Keele University's EU/UK Admissions Policy

    Approved 8 September 2020

  • Admissions Under 18 Policy

    Keele University's Policy on UK/EU Applications where applicant will be under 18 at the start of the programme

    Approved 3 December 2012

  • Criminal Convictions Declaration Procedure

    Applicant Criminal Convictions Declaration Procedure

    Approved 18 December 2018

  • Disclosure and Barring Service Policy - Students

    This policy sets out the action taken by the University to respond to the requirements of the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS).

    Approved 20 April 2021

  • Disclosure and Barring Service Procedure Advice - Students

    Procedure for Consideration of Criminal Record Disclosures by Applicants and Students.

    Approved 3 September 2014