• Additional Earnings Policy

    It is recognised that external professional activities, such as consultancy, advising external organisations are a feature of University life and that University staff often possess the skills and experience that are sought by external organisations.

    Approved 26 January 2012

  • Fundraising Code of Practice

    Code of Practice for Fundraising

    Approved 2 July 2019

  • GCRF Strategy

    Quality Related Global Challenges Research Funding Strategy

    Approved 1 October 2018

  • Health and Social Care Research Policy

    Health and Social Care Research Policy

    Approved 24 June 2020

  • Intellectual Property Management Code of Practice

    Intellectual Property Management Code of Practice

    Approved 1 November 2017

  • Management of Conflicts of Interest Policy

    This document sets out the University’s Policy on the management of conflicts of interest.

    Approved 1 October 2008

  • Management of Conflicts of Interests Procedure

    This document supports the University’s Policy for the Management of Conflicts of Interests.

    Approved 1 July 2009

  • Research Code of Good Practice

    Code of Practice on the proper conducting of good academic research.

    Approved 2 December 2020

  • Research Excellence Framework Code of Practice

    Research Excellence Framework 2021 Code of Practice

    Approved 16 August 2019

  • Research Integrity Policy

    Research Integrity Policy

    Approved 24 June 2020

  • Research Misconduct Procedure

    The University’s expectations regarding good research conduct

    Approved 3 July 2008

  • Research Strategy

    Research Strategy 2016-2020

    Approved 24 June 2020