Technician Commitment at Keele 2018-2020

In response to signing the technician commitment a fixed life working group was established in September 2017.  The group was chaired by Mark Bacon and comprised staff from the Organisational Development and HR as well as manager-representatives of the technical staff community from Medicine, Chemical and Physical Sciences, Life Sciences and IT. The group met between September - November to:

  • define and assess the concerns and needs of the technical staff community at Keele;
  • determine possible steps that could be taken to meet those concerns and needs;
  • determine if the Technicians Commitment is an appropriate kite mark for Keele University.

In addition to the working group meeting, two open sessions have been held with technical staff to seek input to the development of plans and then to feedback on the proposals generated by the working group. There were more than 35 attendees across the two sessions. For these reasons, the working group has confidence that the proposals outlined have good support from the wider community, who described the proposals as excellent, encouraging and exciting.

Action plan

As a result of the sessions with technicians, the working group have developed six actions which aim to:

  • raise the profile of Technical staff
  • develop a network across the institution to share best practice
  • ensure that the development offer for this group is relevant and accessible
  • develop future technical leaders.

These actions have been mapped against the Technician Commitment aims.  A copy of the Action Plan can be downloaded below: