The MSKCOM study

The impact of musculoskeletal conditions on outcomes of other illnesses: a linked electronic health record study

Chief Investigator: Professor Kelvin Jordan
Principal Investigators: Dr Michelle Marshall
Funder name / reference number: Nuffield Foundation; Oliver Bird Fund (OBF/21967)
Year: 2020-2022

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This project explores whether having musculoskeletal conditions leads to worse outcomes for other illnesses.

Previous research has shown that a large proportion of people with musculoskeletal pain have other coexisting long-term conditions. When a patient has multiple conditions, healthcare professionals often do not consider the management of musculoskeletal pain to be a priority. However, pain and associated reduced mobility and sleep interference may adversely impact the effectiveness of any treatment and may be a factor in prolonged hospital stay.

The study will use information collected from a large UK database of general practice records (the Clinical Practice Research Datalink), which contains high-quality information from over 40 million patients in 1491 UK general practices covering about 20% of the UK population. Data linkages include inpatient hospital records (Hospital Episode Statistics). neighbourhood deprivation, and mortality data (Office for National Statistics). We will analyse data of patients newly diagnosed with: i) recorded acute coronary syndrome or stroke; ii) dementia; iii) breast, prostate, lung and colorectal cancer; and iv) pneumonia. These illnesses have major impacts on quality of life and are of high priority for the NHS. We will determine whether having musculoskeletal pain leads to earlier and longer hospital stays, worse outcomes such as death and faster progression of illness, and differences in management. We will assess if the impact of musculoskeletal pain on these illnesses is different for people of different age or ethnicity, or who live in different areas of the country, or in a deprived area.

If we find there is a link of musculoskeletal pain with poor outcomes, this will provide new evidence of the need to test better musculoskeletal management strategies before and during hospital admission (for example, exercise/physiotherapy, aids/devices for daily living, and better drug treatment) to reduce pain and improve function, that may improve outcomes across other illnesses.


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