The MSKCOM study

The impact of musculoskeletal conditions on outcomes of other illnesses: a linked electronic health record study

Chief Investigator: Professor Kelvin Jordan
Principal Investigators: Dr Michelle Marshall
Funder name / reference number: Nuffield Foundation; Oliver Bird Fund (OBF/21967)
Year: 2020-2022

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The MSKCOM study set out to assess whether people with an existing musculoskeletal painful condition (pain in the joints and the muscles around them) have worse outcomes following a diagnosis of another serious illness.

Previous research has shown that a large proportion of people with musculoskeletal pain have other long-term conditions. When a patient has multiple conditions, healthcare professionals often do not consider the management of musculoskeletal pain to be a priority. However, pain can lead to poor mobility, poor mental health, and sleep interference, all of which can reduce the effectiveness of treatments and rehabilitation. People with a new illness and musculoskeletal pain may be more likely to be admitted to hospital as they cannot manage the combined burden of their illnesses or their treatments at home.

The study used information from patient medical records contained within a large national anonymised general practice database (the Clinical Practice Research Datalink) that also had linkage to hospital and death records. We analysed the data of people aged 45 years or over with a first-ever recorded heart attack, stroke, cancer, dementia, or community-acquired pneumonia. These illnesses have major impacts on quality of life and are of high priority for the NHS. We determined whether having musculoskeletal pain led to worse outcomes from these illnesses such as having to go into hospital, longer stays in hospital, differences in management, faster progression of illness, dying earlier and the costs of healthcare.

For more details of the findings from this study, please go to the Dissemination tab to see the main report and details of other outputs from this study, and go to the Animation tab to see a short animation describing the study.


A report has been produced summarising MSKCOM study and its findings

Infographics of our study findings

Journal articles

Conference abstracts

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An animation has been produced summarising the MSKCOM study and its findings.