Nominations and Governance Committee

Scope: to advise Council on matters relating to corporate governance arrangements ensuring that the University pursues best practice and complies with external governance requirements. To advise Council on the appointment of new members, members of the College of Fellows and the Chancellor.


Sally Bucknell

Deputy Pro-Chancellor


Mike Farrar



Rich Callaway

Deputy Pro-Chancellor


David Hall

Honorary Treasurer


David Brown

Lay Member of Council


Hifsa Haroon-Iqbal

Lay Member of Council


Emma Colley

Member of Council


James Rushton

Independent member appointed by Council


Daniel Shaw

Independent member appointed by Council


Jade Cioffi

Student Member of Council


Professor Trevor McMillan



Professor Mark Ormerod

Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Provost


Clare Stevenson

Secretary to Council

In attendance

Fiona Dumbelton

Governance Manager


Committee dates

Thursday 26th October 2023
Friday 15th March 2024
Thursday 20th June 2024