Activities for Schools and Colleges

Keele Law School is a regional and national leader in outreach and widening participation. We offer a variety of innovative and interactive sessions for schools and colleges – from Key Stage 2 to Year 13 – which we can tailor to fit in with your curriculum.  

Examples of previous themes we have covered include: 

We also host the following exciting projects: 

This exciting project is the only one of its kind in the region.  A-level students are given an opportunity to experience university study and the law reform process, learning about an area of law and proposing a set of reforms.  This project runs for three-four months and students are supported throughout.  A typical programme would include lectures on relevant areas and controversies in law, debating, learning about and taking part in research, developing a survey for a public consultation, and drafting a final report.  We aim to finish the project with a networking event to give students an opportunity to meet legal professionals, academics and current students, so they can begin building links with others in the legal sector. 

This project supports the development of key skills for students applying to university, including: academic writing, research, and critical thinking.

Our Super Law Days are campus-based events (which can be either a full day or half-day, dependant on your needs).  These events take an element of a film and explore how the law applies to problems on the big screen. Can Superman sue for breach of confidence is someone reveals his secret identity?  What is Hagrid’s legal responsibility if Fluffy escapes from his basement and bites Harry Potter?  What would be the legal consequences of some of the disasters we see in movies like Avengers: Age of Ultron?  How would the law deal with the spread of disease from the Amazing Spider-Man

These events introduce and explore legal concepts through fun and interactive sessions that support students’ continuing development of critical thinking. Register your interest here:


Kluedo comes to the Moot Room


Higher Horizons+ put on a Kluedo themed murder-mystery day for Year 9 students from Thomas Boughey High School. Students were tasked with solving a murder of a visiting lecturer. 

Michael Fay (Law), Yvonne Skipper (Psychology) and Dave Thompson (Forensics) ran academic sessions to help the detectives solve the murder.

Justice prevailed in the end!

If you would like to know more about our sessions or would like to enquire about our availability, register your interest here: