Professor Yossi Nehushtan holds degrees from Striks Law School (LLB), the Hebrew University (LLM) and Oxford University (BCL, MPhil, DPhil).
Yossi joined the School of Law at Keele University in 2013. In Keele, Yossi is the Founder and General Editor of the Keele Law Review, and Co-Director of the MA in Human Rights.

In the years 2000-2004 and 2007-2013 Yossi was lecturer and senior lecturer at Striks Law School, the College of Management, Israel, where he taught Public Law; Jurisprudence; Law and Religion, Law and Racism; and Human Rights Law. He was also the General Editor of the Law School's Law Review; Academic Supervisor of the Pro-Bono Legal Aid Clinic; Academic Supervisor and Founder of the Novice Jurists Project; and Director of the 'Secular Judaism' programme at the Law School.

In 2006/7 Yossi held a full-time lectureship post at Balliol College, Oxford, as a PhD student, through which he taught Constitutional Law, Administrative Law, and Jurisprudence.

Yossi was Visiting Research Fellow at the Bonavero Institute of Human Rights, Oxford University (2022); and held the HLA Hart Visiting Research Fellowship at the Oxford Centre for Ethics and Philosophy of Law (CEPL), University College, Oxford (2013). In 2010-2012, he was Visiting Professor at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. From 2012-2015, he was a member of a research group at the Minerva Centre of Human Rights, the Hebrew University, which studied the interaction between international human rights law and Israeli law.

Since 2016, Yossi has been a regular Visiting Research Fellow at the Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence, University of Trento, Italy; and Visiting Fellow at St Gallen University, Switzerland.
In 2023 and 2024, Yossi will be Visiting Fellow at the Pontifical Catholic University of Paraná, Brazil.

Yossi secured the Leverhulme Research Fellowship for 2024-2026 (for £65,000) for his research project on 'Judicial Review of Legislation - and Democratic Legitimacy'.

Yossi has provided legal advice and counselling to various bodies, including the Ministry of Education, Israel; human rights NGOs in Israel; and the UN Human Rights Committee.

Research and scholarship

Yossi’s areas of research are legal theory, political theory, public law, human rights law, and law and religion.

Yossi is happy to supervise PhD students who wish to explore themes within these areas.A variety of PhD funding possibilities are available at Keele.


Yossi contributes to the following modules:

  • Constitutional Law (UG)
  • Administrative Law (UG)
  • Jurisprudence (UG)
  • Foundations of Human Rights (PG)
  • Equality, Discrimination and Minorities (PG)
  • Healthcare, Justice and Society (PG)


Selected blog articles

  1. ‘The UK 14-Day Quarantine Policy: Is Public Opinion a Relevant Consideration?’, UK Constitutional Law Association Blog (2020, (With Megan Davidson). 
  2. ‘The 14-Day Quarantine Policy is Illegal’, UK Constitutional Law Association Blog (2020,
  3. (2020) ‘This is Not the People’s Government or the Democratic Will of the People’ IACL-IADC Blog, (with Ash Murphy).
  4. ‘The British Lockdown is Disproportionate’ IACL-IADC Blog (2020,
  5. ‘Prorogation and Justiciability’ UK Constitutional Law Association (2019,
  6. ‘The Unreasonable Perception of Rationality and Reasonableness in UK Public Law’ UK Constitutional Law Association (2019,   
  7. ‘Ashers Baking (Part 1): The Supreme Court’s Betrayal of Liberalism and Equality’ UK Constitutional Law Association (2018,, with Stella Coyle).
  8. ‘Ashers Baking (Part 2): Do Homophobes and Racists have a Right Not to Manifest Liberal Messages?’ UK Constitutional Law Association (2018,, with Stella Coyle).
  9. ‘Why there should not be Another Snap General (Brexit) Election’ ( 2018 British Politics and Policy – LSE;
  10. Why there should not be a General Election “about the EU” – and why the UK isn’t a democracy’ (2016, British Politics and Policy - LSE) (
  11. ‘Why Is It Illegal for the Prime Minister to Perceive the EU Referendum’s Result as Morally-Politically Authoritative?’ UK Constitutional Law Association (2016,
  12. ‘Why the EU Referendum’s Result is not Morally-Politically Binding’ UK Constitutional Law Association (2016, 

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