March 2020

Keele Card terms and conditions

Terms and conditions of use

The use of your Keele Card is governed by these Conditions. When you use your Keele Card you are deemed to have accepted these Conditions.

All students, staff, commercial tenants and residents will receive a first Keele Card free of charge.

  • For new students this is usually at the point of registration for your course.
  • For staff, commercial tenants and residents by attendance at one of the Keele Card centre’s

Looking after your Keele Card

Your Keele Card is an electronic smartcard, allowing access to a variety of services on campus. The card contains a number of ‘cash purses’ allowing you to revalue cash and make purchases.
1. The Keele Card remains the property of the University at all times.
2. The Keele Card is only intended for the sole use of the cardholder. Any improper use or attempted use by anyone other than the cardholder constitutes a fraud against the University, and disciplinary actions may be taken.
3. The cardholder must take all reasonable care to prevent the card being damaged, lost, stolen or misused, and a charge will be made for a replacement as set out below.
4. Any member of University staff, including Hall Managers, Wardens, or Security may ask to see the Keele Card for verification purposes.
Lost or stolen Keele Cards
5. Report in the first instance to one of the Keele Card centres
6. By reporting the card in this manner, we will take this as authority to cancel this Keele Card issue and add it to our hotlist.
7. Keele University will not be held responsible for losses as a result of unauthorised transactions prior to you reporting the Keele Card missing.

Replacement policy and charges

8. For staff, a new card will be issued every 5 years, on request.
9. Keele Card’s issued outside of the above will incur a charge of £5. The following exceptions apply

  • If the Keele Card has a technical fault, then a free of charge replacement will be issued
  • For stolen Keele Cards, where a crime incident number is provided, then a free of charge replacement will be issued

10. Replacement of lost or damaged Keele Cards will incur a charge of £5.
11. Any outstanding cash purse balance will be automatically transferred from old to new Keele Card.


12. For students a digital photo should be uploaded during the registration process.

13. You can upload a photo by going to

14. Your photograph should show

  • Head and shoulders showing a view to the front as you would normally appear.
  • A neutral expression with eyes open and mouth closed
  • Sunglasses or hats are not acceptable. Only head coverings worn for religious reasons are permitted.

Keele Card Centres

15. Located at

  • Information Desk, Library building.
  • IC3 reception for commercial tenants

Using your Keele Card with cashless payments

16. Money can be revalued onto the card using your debit/credit card at:

  • Mobile via website
  • The Upay app

17. Keele use a specialist provider to load funds onto your Keele Card and the University does not record debit/credit card details.

18. Keele use a specialist provider to load funds onto your Keele Card and the university doesn’t record debit/credit card details.

19. A payment will be transferred to your Keele Card straightaway.
Access the payment gateway at and follow the on screen instructions.
20. The cash purse is subject to a maximum limit of £100.00. Further loads will not be processed on the card until the balance drops to a limit below which the new load can be added to give a revised balance of £100.00 or less.
21. The Keele Card can be used to make payments at numerous locations on campus

  • University Catering Outlets
  • Retail outlets
  • Library
  • Student Print/Copy

Some of these facilities attract a discount over cash payment, which is advertised at the location.
Present the card for payment and the funds will be debited immediately from the card.
22. If we suspect that a Keele Card is being used improperly or fraudulently we may decline to authorise further transactions until we have contacted you. We will endeavour to do this prior to taking this action, but this may not always be possible. You hereby agree to us taking such actions as necessary to protect your Keele Card.
23. The Keele Card can only be used for transactions whilst you are a student, staff member, commercial tenant or resident of the university.


24. You must notify us immediately, via one of the Keele Card centres of any unauthorised or incorrectly executed transactions. Keele University will not be held liable for faulty transactions in the interim period.
25. A statement of transactions may be provided to assist in the diagnosis of these transactions.


26. Keele University doesn’t undertake to do refunds until you are no longer a student, staff member, commercial tenant, or resident of the university.
27. Keele University will process refunds in the following cases :

  • When a student graduates or formally leaves the university.
  • When a member of staff is no longer employed by the university.
  • When a commercial tenant is no longer in occupation of university premises.

28. Refunds can be processed by individuals. Simply login to your Upay account via desktop or app. Choose settings and close account.

  • There is a refund limit of £20.00. For amounts above this contact the Income Office, who will arrange a refund for you.
  • A refund via Upay will be processed to your nominated bank account within 3 days.

29. Funds that have been credited to the Keele Card by the University with a cash sum/bursary payment are none refundable.

Catering packages

30. The catering package is for your personal use on production of a valid Keele card and cannot be transferred or passed on to any other person. It only operates during term time periods
31. The catering package provides a breakfast and 2 course evening meal with a hot drink and excludes the purchase of alcohol and confectionery.
32. Meals can only be obtained from The Refectory in Chancellors Building (5 day package) and Hawthorns Restaurant (7 day package)
33. Meals not taken will be ‘lost’ and cannot be carried forward to the next meal time or to the following day. Keele cards will be cleared of any unused meals on the day after the last day of each term.
34. Refunds will not be given for non-use of any credits, except in exceptional circumstances. This will be at the sole discretion of the Residential and Commercial Services Department and will be considered on an individual basis.

Leaving the University

35. Your Keele Card is programmed with a termination date, as follows:

  • Students, your course end date, this may be different to that printed on the card
  • Staff, your normal retirement date. We do not re-produce this on staff Keele Cards.
  • Commercial tenant and resident cards are given a 3 year life, from date of issue.

36. Once the termination date has been reached, your Keele Card will automatically stop working for services at the University.
37. Your Keele Card should be returned to one of the Keele Card centres before you leave the University.


38. Keele University may, from time to time contact the Keele Card holder with offers of goods and services. Typically this will be, but not limited to, your university email address.
39. Cardholders can be excluded from such actions by contacting the Commercial services marketing team.
40. The University will not disclose any personal information to 3rd parties
41. Should you not wish your personal information to be processed in the form of a Keele Card, then you should return the Keele Card to the Keele Card team. You should recognise that by doing so, certain services around campus will be unavailable to you.
42. These terms and conditions may be amended or updated as necessary by the University.