FAQs about your Keele Card

Keele cards are distributed at the various student registration events during each September.

The Keele card will show your name in full, forename and surname on the front side of the card:


The photograph uploaded at the time of your application will be used on your Keele Card.

You are able to upload another photograph, up to the point that the Keele card has been printed.

Yes, but only usable within the University.


The barcode has been removed. The library systems are capable of reading the cards electronic chip.

The University doesn't undertake to post cards to students. The card is only of use on the university campus.

You can collect your new card from IT services in the Library, when you're next on campus.

Replacement cards can be issued at a cost of £5.00. You can request a replacement card here.

You can top-up using Upay online, the official plattform for managing your Keele Card account or using the Upay app. You can find full details on how to top-up here.

All forms of top up will be made available to your Keele Card straightaway.

The Keele Card is a campus based solution for the University, and has never been promoted for use off campus. Any benefits obtained in this manner are purely coincidental.

There are a number of authorised means for students to get benefits off campus including NUS card and Unidays app, that offer a more appropriate solution.

The decision to incoporate an issue date on the Keele card was taken by the project group overseeing the introduction of the new systems. This group comprises members from across the University, including elected officers from the Students' Union.

Upay FAQs

Upay is a system to provide payment solutions that will be used at the point of sale in university outlets to pay for goods and services. It is supplied by Uniware Systems Ltd, who have been contracted by the University to provide these point of sale systems.

All students/staff will have an account created for them on Upay. Access will be via your usual university logon and password and you will be prompted via an email link to register.

From your desktop or mobile device, visit https://keelecard.keele.ac.uk, you will be prompted for your normal university username and password, to login.

Upay is certified to PCI data security requirements. PCI  stands for Payment Card Industry, who specify the rules governing these systems.

In addition Uniware Systems are certified to ISO27001 Information Security Program, which governs how they manage and secure information.

Yes, Upay will allow you to create your own account, and register your Keele card against it. You can then use the system to make payments.

For further queries or to report any issues with your Keele Card, email keelecard@keele.ac.uk.