Keele and Georgian enterprise collaboration

Last week saw the start of the ‘Big Idea Challenge’ in the ongoing Keele and Georgia enterprise collaboration. The five year initiative, funded by the British Council through the Creative Spark programme, aims to develop the creative economy and enterprise skills across seven countries in the central Caucasus and surrounding regions.

Dr Colin Rigby from Keele Business School and Philippa Chapman, Research & Innovation Advisor at the Smart Innovation Hub, are preparing to travel to Tbilisi again this Spring to help Georgian Technical University (GTU) grow student enterprise as part of the programme’s wider objective to develop enterprise in both the economy and the university curriculum.

In 2019, thirty ‘Big Idea’ projects were developed, under ‘digital’, ‘creative’ and ‘social’ categories, through newly introduced enterprise activity, with ten winning through to the National Finals.

Professor Otar Zumburidze, Head of International Relations for GTU said “We realised that appropriate skills are not currently provided by the GTU curriculum. Your contribution to this workshop has vividly illustrated how important it is to us that further steps are taken for the successful accomplishment of the project objectives.”

Interventions have included ‘Training the Trainers’, the introduction of student based enterprise projects and reciprocal study visits to showcase Keele New Deal initiatives such as KRISP and MCIL.