Wi-Fi (eduroam)

eduroam is the University's secure wireless connection to the internet on campus, in the halls of residence and at other members of the eduroam network.

You can find out more about other institutions which use eduroam by downloading the eduroam companion app, available for Android and iOS devices.

Getting Connected (eduroam)

To connect, select the link below for your device and authenticate with your Keele email address OR username@keele.ac.uk and your Password.

Wi-Fi (Magnet)

Students living in on-campus accommodation can connect their games consoles and smart TVs to the magnet network. You can manage your device registrations yourself using the device registration portal, removing the need to raise a support call when you want to add a new device.

Wi-Fi (Visitor)

Visitors to campus are able to use our self-registration portal to access the Visitor WiFi network. 

To access the network, connect your device to the Visitor network. You will then see the following page (see image) appear either when you have connected to the network or when you try to browse the internet. If this does not happen, go to this page to connect - https://cppm.keele.ac.uk/guest/guest-reg-self-sponsor_reason.php

Enter your name, email address and the reason for your visit, then accept the terms of use and click 'register'. Please note: Your details will be held for 30 days before being automatically deleted.

The following page (see picture below) will be generated with your account details and a confirmation email. The email confirmation must be clicked within 5 minutes or you will need to register again.

Click the link in the email to confirm your access.

You will then have access to the Visitor WiFi for 24 hours from that point.

I am a...Which network should I connect to?
Keele staff member eduroam
Keele student connecting a phone, computer or tablet eduroam
Keele student connecting a games console or smart TV in student accommodation magnet
Visitor to Keele campus without an eduroam account visitor
 Visitor to Keele campus from another institution (with an eduroam account) eduroam