Wi-Fi (eduroam)

eduroam is the University's secure wireless connection to the internet on campus, in the halls of residence and at other members of the eduroam network.

You can find out more about other institutions which use eduroam by downloading the eduroam companion app, available for Android and iOS devices.

Wi-Fi (Visitor)

Staff hosting visitors to the university can apply for temporary accounts for their guest to use to connect to the Wi-Fi network. 

You can connect to Visitor Wi-Fi without an account, but you will only be able to browse the Keele Pages.

Once you are connected either your device will ask you to sign in or you can get to the log in page (captive portal) by attempting to navigate to any external site. If you attempt to navigate to any site off campus, your device will be redirected to the log on portal.

Staff can find further information on supporting guests on Visitor Wi-Fi in the Knowledge Base.

Getting Connected (eduroam)

To connect, select the link below for your device and authenticate with your Keele email address OR username@keele.ac.uk and your Password.