How to connect to eduroam - Linux/Ubuntu

- Step 1:

- Select the menu bar in the top right (where the sound & battery icon show), then click the Wi-Fi icon > Select Network. 

Select icon

- Step 2:

- Select Eduroam from the list of available networks.

-Step 3:

-On the Wi-Fi authentication window, enter the following:

- Wi-Fi security: WPA & WPA2 Enterprise
- Authentication: Protected EAP (PEAP)
- Anonymous identity: Leave blank
- Domain: leave blank
- CA Certificate: None
- Tick No CA certificate required
- PEAP version: Automatic
- Inner authentication: MSCHAPv2
- Username: Enter your Keele email address
- Password: Enter your Keele IT password 


Step 4:

- Tap Connect.
- If you are prompted about a certificate, click Ignore.
- You should now be connected to eduroam.