Yaqoub started his career as a lieutenant Police officer in 2008 under the Ministry of Interior of the State of Kuwait, after which he got promoted to first Lieutenant Police Officer, Captain, Major and Lieutenant Colonel, respectively, over the period between 2010 and 2020. Due to his passion and great interest in law, he commenced his studies at the Law School at Kuwait University and stepped to the position of a Police Investigator in 2016. Yaqoub has 7 years’ experience as legal officer in the Ministry of Interior of the State of Kuwait specialized in investigations of criminal misdemeanours according to the Kuwaiti penal code. In 2020, he received his Master’s Degree in General Law (LLM) from Middlesex University London – United Kingdom.

Research and scholarship

Yaqoub embarked upon a full-time PhD scholarship at the School of Law at Keele University in 2022. Following on from his LLM Dissertation on “Equality between women and men in nationality rights”, he continues to focus on another aspect of human rights which is freedom of speech and expression.

PhD Title

Rationalizing the limitation to the right to freedom of opinion and expression: a comparative study between international and domestic laws in Kuwait and the United Kingdom.

Supervisory Team

Lead Supervisor – Dr Awol Allo

Co-supervisor – Dr Emma Allen