Welcome to links@keele!

links@keele is Keele University's hub for the ESRC North West Social Science Doctoral Training Partnership which provides specialist research methods courses for postgraduate students, postdoctoral researchers and university staff. links@keele promotes interdisciplinary and innovative developments in research methods and facilitates, hosts and promotes cross-faculty methods-related events. The ethos of links@keele is to foster interdisciplinary dialogue around innovation and imagination in approaches to high-impact research and to stimulate non-academic collaborations, widening participation and regional engagement. Key events of links@keele include Ethnography Tuesdays, Research Thursdays, Decolonising Methods and Statistics in Social Sciences in each academic year and training events in quantitative methods in the social sciences of health.

2020 Online sessions

The Ethnography Tuesdays and Research Thursdays at Keele University are part of links@keele Advanced Methods Training.

These events cover quantitative research methods, design and background to statistical analysis for social science research questions.