Ethnography Tuesdays and Research Thursdays

Information about events will be posted regularly on the website. For more information about any upcoming events, please also follow us on Twitter (@linkskeele). If you have any administrative queries, please email For academic queries, please contact Dr Aneta Hayes (Institutional Lead).

Ethos and format

Ethnography Tuesdays and Research Thursdays are one-day training events orgnised by links@keele and held at Keele University. The main objectives of these days are to provide you with an understanding of contemporary approaches to conducting ethnographic fieldwork and writing ethnographies. The training will help you develop knowledge of and hands-on practice with fieldwork techniques and methods, including around dealing with ethical dilemmas, challenging fieldwork situations, innovative data collection methods, writing field notes, using visual methods and analysis with specialist software.

Ethnography Tuesdays and Research Thursdays will typically include a range of activities: keynote lecture, workshops, networking opportunities, roundtable discussions, ‘speed dating with ethnographers’, etc. Each day will always include a contribution by an Early Career Researcher and a keynote lecture by a seasoned ethnographer.

For who?

The Ethnography Tuesdays and Research Thursdays at Keele University are part of links@keele Advanced Methods Training. These training days (10 am – 4 pm) are open to postgraduate students and researchers at all career levels. There is no fee, but registration to attend an Ethnography Tuesday is required. When places are limited priority will be given to (1) ESRC NWSS DTP and AHRC NWCDTP students, (2) postgraduate students and staff members from Keele University and (3) postgraduate students and researchers from other Universities.

Questions and feedback

We are here to help you with any questions you may have around Keele’s Ethnography Tuesdays and Research Thursdays. We also love to hear your feedback and suggestions.