• 2013 – Henley Business School, MSc in business and management research, UK.
  • 2002-2004 United Arab Emirates University MBA Master of Business Administration.
  • 1988-1993 United Arab Emirates University Al ain Bachelor in B.A (Management).
  • 1986- 1988 Al Manaseer Secondary School Al ain Secondary School Diploma (Scientific).


  • 2006-date Director of Communication Unite in the Deanship of Enrolment of Enrolment Dept.
  • 1998-2006 Supervisor of Admissions section in the Admissions and Registration Department in the UAE University.
  • 1995-1998 1st Specialist /Admissions.

Motivations and experience which you bring to your PhD/MPhil:

I hold two MSc degrees, the first one in business and management research from Henley University and the second one in Business Administration from United Arab Emirates University. I am now continuing my studies on  the PhD program in human resource management at Keele University. After completing this PhD program, I plan to continue my research in the field of human resource management. My goal is to become a faculty member at a leading university and to investigate the improvements that can be made in my field. This program will help me to improve my career as a specialist.

I am very excited by human resource management as it is related to employees, performance recruitment, and their performance evaluation. I hope that soon I will bring my contribution in this area.  I also believe that my work experience in universities and the educational sector represents an advantage because I have learned to deal with employees, recruitment, and the evaluation
I have practical experience and a strong foundation in the subject as I have two masters that covered a lot of content related to human resources and research. My Master’s thesis assessed service quality in higher education: Advising and registration attitudes at the UAE University. The second thesis was concerned with Service Quality in Higher Education Institutions in the United Arab Emirates.

I appreciate the value of persistence, ambition and team soul. I have learned that commitment is necessary for success as an individual and how to work as a team member.

Research and scholarship

Research project

As my master thesis was concerned with the education sector, I chose to select this sector as the context  for the PhD thesis as follows: 

A: Title:

To stay or leave – investigating domestic employee turnover in UAE Public universities

B: Study Objective:

  1. To examine, what factors lead high turnover among domestic employees in UAE‘s public universities.
  2. To assess, what factors lead high turnover among domestic employees in UAE‘s public colleges.
  3. To clarify, How to manage the turnover factors in public universities in UAE‘s public universities.
  4. To clarify, How to manage the turnover factors in UAE‘s public colleges.

C:  Study Problem:
In the last decade there is a common problem related to higher education institutions in the UAE that presents in the continued demand for foreign faculties and staff. This clearly points  to the shortage of  local faculty and staff. In addition many of these local staff left higher education institutions to take up jobs at other governmental institutions.  This study will try to find the reasons behind this local faculty and staff turnover in public education institutions and to find the solution and recommendation for management in order to retain these employees.

D.    Study Significance:

•    This study will be the first comprehensive study of employee turnover problems in public universities in the UAE.
•    It will fill an important gap in the literature by identifying the reasons behind the intention to leave  UAE- based organizations and if there are any differences according to demographic           variables.
•    Outcomes of this research are intended to better inform policies on staff recruitment, selection processes and organisational development in UAE organisations.

Further information

In order to extend my knowledge and skills I engage in as many training events as possible,  such as:

●    Oct 12 -2004 Modern Methods in planning organizing and monitoring.
●    Jun 14 -2004 Comprehensive Quality.
●    Mar 30-2004 Total Quality management.
●    Mar 9th -2004 Simplifying Work Process and Responsibility Delegation.
●    OCT 20th to Nov 19th 2001 MS Access 2000 UAE University.
●    OCT 20th to Nov 19th 2001 Excel. UAE University.
●    May 3rd 1996 Effective administrative Communication UAE University
●    Dec. 1995 – Critical thinking workshop HCT Al ain.
●    Dec. 1995 Intro. Organizational and Management Workshop HCT Al ain.
●    DEC. 1995 Intermediated level Reading and Speaking Workshop HCT Al ain.
●    Nov 27th 1995 DOS, Win and Ms Word.
●    Participation : Participate in Mother day " UM AL EMIRATE";
●    Admission and Registration Conference,  Jordan
●    Admission and Registration Conference,  Sharjah University.