Lauren attended Keele University (2013-2016) for her BA degree in Criminology and Media, Communications and Culture, where she received a First Class Honours. Whilst completing her first degree she studied a semester abroad at the University of North Carolina in Wilmington (USA), where she specialised in World Criminology, Criminal Courts and Intercultural Communication. She then decided to continue her studies, returning to Keele to take a Masters Degree (2016-2017) in Criminology and Criminal Justice. Lauren is now a first year PhD student, specialising in the CSI Effect; exploring media related perceptions of crime investigation, forensic science and justice.

Research and scholarship

Research project

PhD Thesis: The ‘CSI Effect’: An investigation into the effects crime drama television shows have over jurors’ expectations.

Crime-drama television shows create unrealistic expectations of the investigative and judicial processes. This research project therefore aims to advance knowledge of the potential negative media effects in relation to crime and crime-solving.

Supervisors: Dr Siobhan Holohan and Dr Diana Miranda

Further information

Lauren aims to encourage changes to current social policy. Encouraging potential jury members to be ruled-out of the judicial process based upon their un-realistic expectations of forensic evidence, formed through their television viewing habits.

Lauren is an aspiring academic, whom plans to lecture on the completion of her PhD. She is aiming to build up as much experience as possible over her next three years at Keele University. Please contact Lauren directly, should you have an opportunity to help to expand her academic profile.

Under Construction Postgraduate Interdisciplinary Journal – The ‘CSI Effect’: Fact or Fiction? An Investigation into the cultural representations of forensic investigation and forensic evidence collection within contemporary media crime shows.