I am a researcher in the area of life's meaning, focusing on contemporary debates on the topic in the analytic tradition.

Research and scholarship

The working title for my thesis is "Meaningful to us, or meaning full stop?". I will be exploring the distinction between the meaning of life and meaning in life through the lens of another distinction: between subjective and objective perspectives. In doing this I intend to bring a clarity to the meaning-in/meaning-of distinction that I do not believe is currently present in the contemporary literature. By understanding and explaining why the meaning-in/meaning-of questions are distinct and operating under different perspectives, I hope to reinstil credibility to the question of the meaning of life in the contemporary analytic sphere.

I am AHRC-funded, have one publication (Fox, J. (2019) Absurd Relations. Human Affairs, 29 (4): 387–394.), and have presented at one conference (Meaning in Life and the Meaning of Life, University of Graz, Austria, June 2019).