Flick Adams is an Associate Lecturer at The Open University, a Doctoral Researcher at Keele University and a Facilitator.

They graduated with an LLB Hons in Law and an LLM (Distinction) in Law and Society from Keele University. Flick received an internal doctoral Graduate Teaching Assistantship scholarship (2018 – 2021) and embarked on their PhD studies at Keele in autumn 2018.

They are currently a contributor to the Queer Judgments Project led by Dr Marica Moscati, Dr Sen Raj, and Professor Nuno Ferreira:

Flick is also an Associate Member of The Cornelia Goethe Center for Women's and Gender Studies (CGC) where they were recently Guest Researcher.

Flick recently provided research assistance to Dr Sen Raj for his projectAffectively Queer: The Emotional Dynamics of Teaching LGBT+ Rights in Law Schools’ funded by the Association of Law Teachers.

With Dr Fabienne Emmerich, Flick is co-founder and co-facilitator of Read and Resist! a collective and collaborative web-platform that brings together a host of diverse community voices on all aspects of transformative justice. As part of their web platform, they have a monthly open digital reading group (Read and Resist!), a blog (Write and Resist!), a podcast (Listen and Resist!), and a YouTube Channel (Watch and Resist!). You can also follow Read and Resist! on Twitter and Instagram or email at: to find out more about how you can get involved.

Research and scholarship

Working title: Defying ‘Placement’ and Redefining Location: Mapping Mobility, Agency, Subjectivity, Embodiment and the Possibilities for (Trans)formation Within and Across Carceral Space from the Spatial, Cultural and Material.

Keywords: Prison Abolition, Queer Abolition, Abolition Feminism, Transformative Methodology, Trans Prison Policies, Carceral Geography, Agency, Subjectivity, Space, Place, and Embodiment.

Flick’s doctoral project examines, through a queer-feminist abolitionist critique, how the prison system in England and Wales constructs and recognises identities, redistributes resources, and locates trans women within the prison – in spatial, cultural, and material terms at the textual level. Flick’s research sits at the intersection of Gender, Sexuality and Law, Socio-Legal Approaches, Carceral Geography and Critical Prison Studies. This is a Law PhD Project funded by a Keele University School of Law Graduate Teaching Assistant faculty scholarship.

Flick’s research interests include:

  • Gender, Sexuality and Incarceration/Imprisonment
  • Gender, Sexuality and the Criminal Legal System
  • Carceral Geography and Carceral Space(s)
  • Transgender Prison Policies
  • Queer and Feminist Theory
  • Prisons, Punishment, State Violence and Abolition
  • Transformative Justice
  • Disability Justice

Supervisory team

Lead Supervisor: Dr Fabienne Emmerich (Law)
Co-supervisors: Dr Mary Corcoran (Criminology), Dr Jane Krishnadas (Law)


Flick is currently an Associate Lecturer at The Open University where they provide distance correspondence tuition on Law, Society and Culture and Criminology. They take an experimental, collaborative, and interdisciplinary approach teaching and learning of law, society, and justice.

Flick engages with all aspects of teaching and learning at undergraduate and postgraduate level across multiple institutions online, in-situ and correspondence across Law and Criminology. Flick is currently finalizing their application for Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.

During their time at Keele they delivered teaching and designed learning activities and facilitated learning support and feedback on a host of core and elective modules across disciplines; including Legal Skills and Systems, Gender, Sexuality and the Law, Foundations in Law and Society Research: Theories and Concepts, Socio-legal Studies: Applications and Themes, Disability Law, and Equality, Discrimination and Minorities, and Crime and Justice in a Global Context.public


Flick is actively engaged in research and has held a number of teaching, research, and administrative positions across multiple institutions. Flick has a range of publications and creative outputs in a diverse range of outlets in the fields of Gender, Sexuality and Law, Socio-Legal Studies, and Critical Prison Studies, including in peer-reviewed journals and in leading socio-legal studies edited collections.

In collaboration with researchers, facilitators, and community organizers they recently received funding from the SLSA Annual Seminar Competition to facilitate the Abolition Feminism: Breaking Free from The Master’s Tools 2-day interdisciplinary academic-activist workshop on Abolition Feminism.

Articles (selected)

‘Nurture, Pleasure and Read and Resist!: Abolition Feminist Methodology for a Collective Recovery?’, Reflection, Feminist Legal Studies DOI (with Fabienne Emmerich)

‘From Homophony to Polyphony: Law and Music a Consonant Duet for Future Legal Thinking and Practice?’ Student Journal of Professional Practice DOI

Chapters (selected)

F Adams and F Emmerich ‘Mapping the Manifestations of Exclusion: Challenging the Incarceration of Queer People’ in Dunne, P and Raj, S (eds) The Queer Outside in Law: Recognising LGBTIQ People in the United Kingdom (Palgrave, 2020).

A Queer re-judgment and critical commentary of Hopkins v Sodexo as part of the Queer Judgments Project. With Fabienne Emmerich. Edited by Prof Nuno Ferreira, Dr Marica Moscati, and Dr Sen Raj (Counterpress) (Pending).

Book reviews (selected)

‘Carl Cattermole: Prison: A Survival Guide’ Prison Service Journal  DOI 

‘Lola Olufemi: Feminism, Interrupted: Disrupting Power’ Feminist Legal Studies DOI

‘Emma K. Russell: Queer Histories and the Politics of Policing’ Feminist Legal Studies DOI

‘Cinzia Arruzza, Tithi Bhattacharya, Nancy Fraser: Feminism for the 99%: A Manifesto’ Feminist Legal Studies DOI

Conference papers (selected)

Foreclosing Possibilities of Queer Love, Relations of Care, and Solidarity: Deconstructing Hopkins v Sodexo and the Protection of the Heteronormative Institutional Order for the Lesbian Lives 2022 Conference, University College Cork [Online] 1–3 March 2022 (with Fabienne Emmerich).

Locating the Trans Subject: Transcending “Domains of Intelligibility”, Liminality, Expendability, and the Prison. Socio-Legal Studies Association Conference 2022, University of York. 8-10 April 2022.

[Invited] Read and Resist! for the Feminist Jurisprudence Discussion Group, University of Oxford. Forthcoming 6 June, 2022 (with Fabienne Emmerich).

[Invited Chair] In Conversation with Professor Davina Cooper and Dr Flora Renz of the Future of Legal Gender Project. Gender, Sexuality, and the Law at the Kitchen Table Talk, Keele University. 15 November 2021.

‘Painting the Walls Pink, White, and Blue: Challenging the Expansion of the Carceral Nation by Exploring the Relationship between “Gender-Responsivity”, Gender Critical Feminism and Carceral Feminism in the UK.’  Prison Abolition,Human Rights, and Penal Reform: From the Local to the Global University of Texas, Austin, USA. 26-28 September 2019.