Chloe attended Keele University (2014-2017) for a BA degree in Sociology and History where she received a First Class Honours and won the Ronnie Frankenberg Prize for Best Undergraduate Dissertation. From 2017-2018 she undertook an MRes in Social Science Research Methods at Keele, achieving a distinction.

Chloe is now a Keele funded PhD student and GTA in the department of Sociology.

Combining both sociology and history, Chloe has continued to explore the complexities of feminism/femininity and consumer culture through the 19th and 20th centuries in the USA, UK, and France to further understand how women’s issues have and are changing through time.


Seminar tutor for modules (2018/19)

  • Classical Sociology (SOC-10014)
  • Contemporary Sociology (SOC-20049)
  • Investigating Social Issues (SOC-10021)
  • Research Methods (SOC-20046)
  • Social Inequalities in the Contemporary World (SOC-10009)

Research project

Exploring the past, present, and future of feminism and its entanglement with consumer culture.

Understanding the relationship Western feminism has had with consumer culture throughout the 20th century and into the contemporary era, and how ‘woman’ has been mediated and constructed within the consumer sphere. Exploring both how feminism has attempted to break away and critique capitalism, but also periods where feminist practices have rested upon women’s monetary liberation and consumer freedom (which is seen as liberation) will allow for a further understanding of feminism today and its future.


Professor Lydia Martens, Dr Mark Featherstone and Dr Ben Anderson