I am an NWCDTP AHRC funded PhD student within the School of Humanities and Social Sciences. 
I obtained a BA (Hons) English Literature from the University of Wales Aberystwyth in 2007. 
Following an eleven year gap, during which time I worked as a data input clerk, regional journalist, property manager, estate agent and, most recently, and office manager, I returned to full-time education to complete my MA in English Literatures at Keele in 2019. 
Twitter: @blaney_louise

Research and scholarship

My PhD project is provisionally entitled 'Forming the Arthurian Idyll, 1688 - 1820', and considers literary engagements with Arthurian legend across the long eighteenth-century, examining the ways in which reworkings of Arthur intervene in debates about historiography, gender, class, and national identity.
I am particularly interested in exploring the nationalisation of cultural mythologies and examining the intersections between gendered and national identities in British Arthurian literature across the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.  
A medievalist at heart, I am also fascinated by the ways in which folklore and mythology are used to construct gendered and cultural identities.
My research interests include Arthurian literature, eighteenth and nineteenth century medievalism, gender theory, and the intersections between literature and history. 

Further information

Since returning to full-time education I have been actively involved in life at Keele.
In November 2018, I acted as Communications Coordinator for the ‘Placing Class in Contemporary Literature’ conference held at Keele University. 
I subsequently went on to be part of the committee that organised the Keele HUMSS Postgraduate Symposium in June 2019. 
I have been a committee member for the HUMSS Work in Progress Seminar Series since January 2019.
Starting in June 2019, I joined the team behind Under Construction,Keele HUMSS’ peer-reviewed journal, in the role of  Co-Editor and Finance Officer.
I am also the 2019/20 Student Trustee for the Keele Postgraduate Association and a Student Ambassador. 
January 2019: The Literary Encyclopedia (ed. Robert Clark)
Published an encyclopedia entry on Thomas Warton’s ‘The Grave of King Arthur’ (1777)
Conference Papers 
February 2019: Keele HUMSS ‘Work in Progress’ Seminar Series, Keele University
Presented a 15-minute paper on ‘Literary Coteries and the Revival of Arthurian Romance amongst Eighteenth-Century Antiquarians’
April 2019: ‘Disrupting Disciplines: Sharing Perspectives’, Keele University
Presented a poster entitled ‘The Formation of the English Gentleman: Masculinity in the Eighteenth-Century Arthurian Narrative’
June 2019: Keele HUMSS Postgraduate Symposium, Keele University
Presented a 15-minute paper entitled ‘The Past Becomes Present: How Antiquarians Refashioned Arthurian Romance for the Eighteenth Century’
July 2019: ISECS 15th International Congress on the Enlightenment, Edinburgh
Took part in a panel entitled ‘Poetic Past, Poetic Present’ and gave a 20 minute paper on ‘Literary Coteries, Antiquarians, and the Revival of Arthurian Romance in the Eighteenth Century’
I have been awarded an NWCDTP AHRC scholarship to undertake my doctoral studies at Keele.
In July 2019 I was awarded a KPA Bursary to attend and present at ISECS’ 15th International Congress on the Enlightenment, a week long international conference on the literature and culture of the long eighteenth century, in Edinburgh.